15 May, 2009

The West Ladies

While Marlin and i both managed to forget our wedding anniversary, he did not forget mother's day. He gave me 3 videos from here. www.homesteadblessings.com. The link probably won't work but at least you can see the website address. The videos are called Homestead Blessings and one is on bread making, one is on candle making and the other is on soap making. They're awesome and the kids and i are totally psyched about making our own soap and candles. I've been wanting to get into soap making for a long time but since I'm such a visual person i didn't even try to figure it out from a book. The videos are simple to follow and very interesting. We had seen the West ladies from another movie and we decided back then that some day we want to visit them in Tennessee. Well, i decided i want to and the children think their farm looks like so much fun that i don't think we'll have a hard time convincing big daddy to take us. The producers of the movies is Franklin Springs, who have also made other movies that we have really enjoyed. They're all documentaries or "how to" movies with a strong, conservative christian feel. They make wonderful gifts, (as i well know)so if you're looking for something different and neat to bless someone with, check it out.


  1. hey! these happened to be on netflix... cool! I'm going to reserve them.

  2. "Inherit the Land" seems like a good documentary, is this one of the ones you have seen from the same people?

    "Featuring Christian families across America who've chosen to live an agrarian lifestyle, filmmaker Ken Carpenter's inspiring video presents a compelling case for making farming a way of life. Highlights include visits to Washington state, Illinois and Virginia, where families such as the Bradricks, the Houks and the Wilsons offer viewers a glimpse into the benefits -- and abundant blessings -- of agrarian living."

  3. Yes, we actually have "Inherit the Land" and it's an awesome movie. The kids have been praying faithfully for a farm ever since. :)

    Please don't borrow the movies, you are more than welcome to watch ours!


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