11 June, 2009

For all of those who are interested...........i'm only having one baby this time. :) Everything looked great at the midwives and i'm measuring exactly on. I was quite amazed that i wasn't measuring big since the twins are only 17 months old, but the head midwife said i have great stomach tone for having twins not that long ago. I told her that my stomach is making up for my poor legs. My ankles look like someone took a baseball bat to them. Thankfully i have a very long maternity skirt from NewCreation skirts, that i LOVE. Yup, i'm in love with a skirt, but it's the only skirt i have that's long enough to hide 99% of my ankles so that i can wear sandals. I HATE wearing shoes and socks in the summer but i guess it's a small price to pay for carrying a child. And i want to seriously (again) encourage people to check out NewCreation skirts. They are very helpful and very prompt with the shipping. They even sent a free gift with my last order and best of all, they are a conservative company with beautiful modest skirts.

You know, i wish sewing was my gift. There is such a need for modest clothing for both women and girls. I know there are several companies out there, (ModestApparelUSA, Lilies of the Field etc.) but there is still a huge need. And yes, i do want to teach Emily to sew but for people like me, i have so many other ways that my time needs to be spent doing, like blogging ;), that sewing takes a back seat. And there are people from non-conservative background who are on a journey towards modesty and to sew for themselves and their daughters is simply overwhelming. So, if anyone feels the call.............

UPDATE: For those of you who need sewing done i have a friend who would be happy to help you. I also happen to know that she does a beautiful job. :) If you want her email please let me know and i will pass it on.


  1. Hi Darla!
    I am happy to hear that everything went well with your Dr. appt. and sorry to hear about you having trouble with your legs. Hopefully they aren't hurting you?

    It is amazing that you mentioned about modest clothing. That has been something that has been on my mind for eons. I have resolved to sew my own dresses, because of the unavailability of modest clothing on the market and I need clothing custom made for me. I have quit my elder care jobs and asked Dave if maybe I could start sewing and mending for other people to help bring some extra income in, but still be at home with our boys. I do have alot of sewing experience, so I would very much be interested in taking on some sewing projects for those who are seeking help in finding modest clothing. You could pass along my info. if you would like. weidenhammers@copper.net

    I certainly hope you keep up your blogging after you move, so I can keep up with your life. =)

    Love to you,

  2. trust me, your legs don't look bad. I know it doesn't matter what I think, b/c I'm not you. but I never would have noticed a thing. you're a beautiful woman! :)

    about the modest clothing - hook me up! I have stuff I'd like altered and some stuff i would love sewn!


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