10 June, 2009

Midwives and Moving

Today we find out how big this mama is measuring and if there's reason to suspect more than one. I'm looking forward to visiting with the midwives, they're almost like family and of course it's always fun to hear the heartbeat and all the little details. Many people are asking who we are going to use for the birth since we'll be moving before the baby's born. To be honest, we don't know how that will all work out. It's been a battle to lay it all down and to trust God that He will show not only us as a couple, but especially Marlin as my leader. He, of course, wouldn't consider doing something if we're not united but i sensed fear lurking in my heart which is also linked with control, so i've been praying for the grace to trust. Neither of us are fans of going to a birth center, simply because our home births have been so beautiful and the thought of having to drag myself to a vehicle in pain is so not attractive. I LOVE being able to stay in my own bed and when the baby is here, to simply rest and have Marlin pamper me. :) He does a WONDERFUL job. On the other hand, i'm willing to go birth center or even hospital if that's what God wants. There is a chance the midwives from down here would be willing to work with us, although how that would work out i'm not sure. But God has NEVER been anything but faithful, not sure why i have to keep learning that.

On other news, packing is going very well. When we made the move official, my prayer was that God would give me a calm heart and that He would protect me from feeling overwhelmed. In all practicality, the chances of that aren't real high when you take into consideration the fact that not only do we have a row of little ones, including 2 VERY busy toddlers, but i'm also pregnant and for some reason, very tired much of the time. But God has answered and i feel so very calm and the packing is 3/4ths finished. My mother-in-law has been such a blessing by coming over and not only packing but also tackling the eternal ironing pile. Unfortunately, i have also seen some areas in the children that are hugely lacking in the training part and have purposed in my heart to deal with it. I realize that it's normal considering the changes but that's no excuse to have out of control children. The twins especially are in a very intense training period, and there are times when i feel so inadequate that i wonder if i have any clue what i'm doing and if they will ever do anything but scream when they're angry. But it's ok if i don't have a clue, that's what the Holy Spirit is for if i only take the time to ask for help. Thankfully Marlin has complete authority in their lives and they totally understand that. Amazing how that works. Now if i could only make them believe that about their mother.

I also haven't forgotten that i promised pictures of our trip to Baltimore but for some reason i haven't been able to download them. I will have to get my computer superman to do it for me. I love being married to a superhero. ;)


  1. I totally noticed that our children were lacking in the training dept too while we were in the midst of packing/moving. I've been purposing to really work on it and be consistent. I feel like I go in cycles with it and I don't like that. I've been asking God to help me be more consistent even if I'm tired or a little stressed. :)

    Anyway, we are not buying the house that we had a contract on...things fell through with it. So...we're just asking the Lord where he wants us! For the most part, we both have such a peace about it all. I do get anxious every once in a while but I know that God is leading my hubby so I'm going to trust. You're so right when you say that fear is most often related to control.
    Thanks for blogging...your posts are always encouraging.


  2. Connie, you are a blessing. Thanks for being that. :) Emily is always the one who seems to be the most affected by moving, probably because of the female emotions etc. but at least she's old enough to talk to and work through it. I decided this morning to really focus on the twins and their angry screaming. I was amazed at how quickly they responded and Caleb started giving me the sweetest smiles afterward and laying his head on my shoulder. Now if only i could stay consistent!! Sigh, that is my biggest weakness.

    Sorry about your house. As a good friend told me once, "God has your back." I often think of that when things seem a little shaky. He's got us covered, and that brings much peace to my very human heart.


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