02 June, 2009


I'm surrounded by paper snippets, glue, picture remnants and a slight heart ache. I just got finished with Eric's portfolio and as i put it together, with pictures of him working on different projects and on different field trips, i realize again how much fun we had this past year and that i'll never be at this place in my life again. My little boy is fast growing up and all of a sudden i want to stop time and stay here for awhile. There were many times this past winter when i would look at his face while doing school and i would feel a rush of love and thankfulness that God has allowed me to teach our children at home. I would sit on the couch surrounded by the children, reading about a time long ago, or talking about the different states and all the cool things about each one and i would think about how blessed i was. Unfortunately, i also wished them away on a yellow school bus some mornings too. But in spite of all the doubts that i was doing this school thing right, in spite of all the questions i continually asked myself and veteran homeschoolers, in my heart i knew this path was the one God had laid out for us and if i turned away in fear, i would forever regret not walking it with our children.

God doesn't call every family on the same journey, so whether you homeschool or not, enjoy every day with your small brood about you. And don't stay up til late at night thinking about your memories........they might make you cry.

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