01 June, 2009

Moving and Birthdays

The Weavers are........MOVING! Juniata county here we come. We're excited, although it's not without mixed feelings. It's hard to leave friends and family behind, but i've reminded them that it's only 1.5 hours away so who knows, we may see more of them than we did before. :) One of the main reasons we're moving is to be closer to my parents. We'll live about 35 minutes away from them so we'll be able to run over for evening visits and to help out. My mom is still really struggling with her dementia and although i can't really do a lot due to our many small children, even just visiting oftener will be a blessing. I hope to be able to run over sometimes during the day with the children and help out around the house and i want the children to build a relationship with her while they can. It's something we've been praying about for a very long time, but we simply didn't know how it would work out with Marlin's job and all the other details that go along with moving. We thought and prayed about it seriously a year ago but both of us felt the door was not open yet. Within the last several months everything opened up and most importantly, that peace from God filled our hearts that it was time. Our prayer has been all along that if it's not His heart, that He would clearly shut the doors. Marlin will be commuting to the Brownstown store so in preparing for that, he sold his Volvo and bought a Jetta diesel. Much better fuel mileage and again, we sat in amazement at how God worked out the details. He is simply amazing and while walking by faith isn't exactly easy and often doesn't make sense to others, there's no other way I'd rather live. We'll be renting a house on 4 acres that includes 2 acres of woods! The boys are beside themselves and are making great plans. I see daily tick inspections coming up. Blech!

We do have close friends up where we'll be moving and we're excited to be a part of a small church up there. Something else we've been praying about for a VERY LONG time! I won't even go into the agony and praying that has happened the last several years in searching for fellowship but i also saw my man grow in his personal convictions and i learned some important lessons about trusting God in your husband's life. God brought some awesome people into our lives and always when we needed fellowship the most, He supplied it. When it all comes down to it, He is enough.

In other news, Eric goes for his evaluation and wrat test tomorrow. I will be SO glad when it's finished and i can move on to other things. I know he will do well but i still dread it. I don't have his portfolio finished as i have a bunch of copying to do but hopefully that will be done by tonight along with picking up Emily's birthday present! My little girl will be 8 years old and without a doubt, she gets sweeter every year. Marlin and i were watching her yesterday and i told him that before we know it she will be a beautiful young lady and he will be sitting at the front door with a shot gun. He's informed her that she shall trust him to pick out the right man for her and she just giggles and agrees. It will take a special man to get past big daddy but i wish there were more daddys out there with that protectiveness. How many women that i know that could've been spared so much heartache if only their fathers would've guarded their daughters hearts. But for now i intend to enjoy my little girl with all my heart and enjoy watching her turn 8.


  1. I am so excited for you guys!!!! I'll be praying for you with the move and being pregnant.
    Happy Birthday to Emily, she is a sweetie!!!
    I'm sure Eric will do great on the WRAT, let me know if you find out anything about other test options.

  2. Hey Darla!
    I am so glad doors are opening up for you! Isn't it wonderful the way God works? Rex's are quite excited about you guys comming their way. I'm sure you will be a huge blessing to their community. God bless you as you prepare for the move...I will be thinking about you and praying for you all! Just me, Jewel


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