16 July, 2009

Pets we never asked for

We've gathered some new pets the last couple days. Not exactly the kind i was envisioning but my children were thrilled. Unfortunately the first pet expired after a few hours. It seems that toads, and this special one was named "toady", don't like to live in plastic barns with small jar lids for a swimming pool. Even dead flies for lunch didn't tempt it, nor the thought of going for a walk with a small leash attached to it's hind leg. In desperation it managed to hop on a small piece of tin where it promptly cooked itself in the hot afternoon sun. The children were properly subdued and grieved for the appropriate 5 minutes.

Then a small guest appeared in the garage this morning, causing no small excitement. This one is called stripey, with a dark blue appearance topped with lighter blue stripes. I bet you're glad i didn't say black and white appearance. Nope, it's not a miniature skunk but some kind of lizard. Eric managed with great excitement to confine it in a box and raced toward the door to bring it in to show it his mama. I met him at the door with orders to leave that thing outside. I gave a very startled shriek when i saw the small thing in the box and then tried to hide my "ewww" feelings. "Wow, what an amazing creature, and to think you found it in our garage!" Eric looked suspiciously at me and asked why i acted so weird. Since when did our kids become so perceptive? He is now saving it up by the woods (we wouldn't want the lizard to get too hot near the house now, would we?) to show his father when he gets home. We MUST find our children normal pets.............


  1. Hmmmm...I'm thinking Charlotte Mason nature study! Draw that little guy and lable him with his latin name!! :) Can you tell what my summer reading has been??!


  2. Hey, i never thought of that! Marlin actually did the research about it and had a small science lesson. And yes, i can tell what you've been reading. :)


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