14 July, 2009

Chocolate cake..........in a whole new way

Rich chocolate cake, dripping with goodness and melt in your mouth sweetness. The kind of cake that makes your man look at you with new appreciation. This was my goal yesterday, although if i was to be painfully honest it was more about making me look at myself with new appreciation. The secret ingredient? Black beans. Yup, those beans that people put into burrito's and south American food. I was going to blow my family out of the water, so to speak, by this incredible cake with not a trace of flour in it. I blew them out alright, but not out of the water as much as out of their digestive tracts. It started with this blog where i read about a delicious chocolate cake and the main ingredient is black beans. Low carb, high in fiber, whole foods, and good for you. What more could you wish for? In our case, a boatload of anti gas pills.

I read the ingredients, eyed the jar of dried black beans on my counter and decided that i was craving chocolate cake. So i went to work and before long i had a chocolate cake, loaded with black bean goodness, baking in my oven. I couldn't wait, although the smell of the batter made the children raise their eyebrows in doubt. Should chocolate cake batter smell like THAT? I assured them that i figured baking would take care of it, although i was starting to question it myself. Fast forward several hours and we sat down to enjoy some cake. The twins LOVED it, but they would love anything with honey and milk. The rest of us ate some and while it was edible, we soon discovered that it wasn't digestible. Within a short number of hours i had 2 small boys laying on the couch saying their bellies hurt, Emily and Eric decided the cake was disgusting and Marlin gave a shudder after tasting it that didn't leave any doubt in my mind what he thought. He looked at me in a whole new way alright, but i didn't exactly feel like hot mama. The clincher was Jonathan throwing up all over his clothes and carseat, on the way home from an errand. It was all black bean goop with a few "fresh" blueberries thrown in for texture. The cake found it's final resting place in the trash and i did some research and discovered my mistake. It was supposed to be made with canned/cooked black beans, NOT DRIED!!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!!!! I guess i wasn't, at least not until our house became a gas bomb in danger of blowing up (after effects of eating unsoaked beans) and i had puke to clean up. Being the kind of person i am, i have every intention of trying it again. I may be having a party over to help me eat it however, since i have a sneaky suspicion that i will have a hard time convincing this family to try it again. Beano anyone?


  1. I am laughing so hard that I'm crying. Hilarious!!

    We'd love to come up and see your new place sometime soon!! We'll even try beano cake!! :)

    We are leaving for the hills of West Virginia on Thursday...I'm really looking forward to some time away...and the cabin we're staying in has three bedrooms so we won't all be in the same room. EXCITING stuff, let me tell you.
    Blessings to you guys,

  2. oh Darla, I'm so sorry!!!! lol

    id you see someone else asked about that in the comments section? I bet you're not the only person to do that.

    how did you get dried beans to make a cake anyhow? did you grind them?

    I will happily be a taste tester if you try it again. ;) I haven't gotten around to it yet.

  3. Connie, i hope you guys have an awesome time in the mountains. What fun! Wait, we already LIVE in the mountains. :) We will definitely have you's up, tell Eric to make a date with Marlin.

    Henny, me and 1 other person asked and she said it was canned beans. I tried the blender with my beans, didn't work, so i ran some more through the wheat grinder. i still can't believe i was that dense..........

  4. LOL too funny. ah, you live, you learn. :)


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