09 September, 2009

A new blog for you to enjoy................

I came across this blog last week and feel like i found a mentor. http://dailypleasures.blogspot.com/ She seems to have a real and sweet heart and i always walk away feeling inspired and encouraged. I had told Marlin recently that i long to find someone who has a large number of children, who homeschools, and who truly enjoys it, while being real about the ups and downs. It wasn't long after that i discovered her blog and i've bookmarked it and check it daily. I've been inspired by all her pictures and am hoping i can soon figure out how to download pictures from our camera onto our blog. I also want to completely redo this blog with an all new format, but that will have to wait til after my new curtains are hung and my man has a few extra hours to spend. I might be waiting a long time..........

God also surprised me with something i've been wanting to do but felt clueless how to go about it. The older kids have been begging to learn to sew and wouldn't you know we were with friends Sunday evening and she (who is a real sweetheart :)) offered to come teach both me and Eric and Emily how to make a simple bedcover with old denim jeans. You know how you get those warm circles around your heart when God springs a beautiful surprise on you? I had just told Marlin that i would like to get denim covers for Zac's and Josh's bed and had actually looked online but the $ amount had made my head spin. Me and the kids are so excited and can't wait to get started. Marlin will need to go shopping for new jeans but he needs them anyway so it won't be a sacrifice. God is so very good, it never ceases to amaze me how He cares about all those little things that mean so much to us women.


  1. Lets set a date!!:) I hope you have a good day today, and i am looking forward to "sewing day".

  2. Good for you! I hope to make jean quilts some sweet day out of all the old jeans my men went through. Send your friend to see me when she is done with you! Just me, Jewel

  3. Darla, I was thinking that if its ok with you i will just bring a couple of subs from the store for Tuesday..That'll save you making lunch..

  4. Wow, that would be wonderful, although i wasn't expecting that at all! Hey, if you want to email me personally here's my email address. www.diaperswyper@yahoo.com and yes, Marlin gave me the name. :)


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