01 September, 2009

Our "curriculum" plan for the year

We've officially started school, although we're still waiting for a few things. I always love reading what people are using so i thought i'd post what we're doing this year. Of course, it's always subject to change if something is simply not working but hopefully we'll stay on course.

Eric and Emily (are working on different levels on some of the subjects)

Math U See (Eric's actually finishing up math from last year, i'm wavering between Teaching Textbooks and MathUSee for him)

Language Lessons from Queen Homeschool

All About Spelling

Copywork for young boys and Copywork for young girls - by Queen Homeschool

Science, History and Geography - Notebooking using YWAM (youth with a mission) children's missionary stories. Marlin will be actively involved with this end of it. It will also include writing, drawing, researching etc, everything that goes with notebooking. I'm also seriously thinking about investing in the Moody Science Classics DVD's for those weeks around the baby's birth.

Bible - We have family worship every night, with Marlin actively involving the children so at this point i haven't been using a Bible curriculum so to speak. We will be memorizing scripture in school every morning before our read aloud.

Read Aloud - This is a time when i read aloud to the kids, right now we're reading "Tip Lewis and his Lamp." I'm particular what i read, as i want it to be time well spent. The kids will also read aloud to me, using the books they have picked out.

Art - Eric has a drawing book, with detailed drawings of boats, ships, trucks and trains. He will spend hours drawing a very detailed picture, a gift he definitely did NOT inherit from me! We will also be doing art projects focusing on the different countries we'll be reading about when doing geography.

Zac is doing "Learning to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" and will also be doing Math U See. He's only 5 so i will not be pushing him, although he loves doing "school" and the time spent with mom.

Eric will also be doing a reading program on the computer since he struggles still with reading.

So there's the basic "curriculum", although i always add things like stories on cd and any other interesting things i find that relate to our subjects. Of course we always have field trips that Marlin goes along with.

As far as our schedule or routine as i prefer to call it, i'm planning on posting that in the near future. We're still working the kinks out of it and of course, when the new baby arrives, our daily "schedule" will be anyone's guess. I am planning on putting the baby on a relaxed feeding schedule, although that will take a while. So in the meanwhile i pray for much wisdom and remind myself that school is about far more than the ABC's.


  1. how are you liking Math-u-see? we really lked it once we got the hang of it.

  2. I'm not sure yet how i feel about Math-U-See. I think it's an awesome program but i'm literally having to reteach myself and i'm not sure how smart that is this year. I think Eric and Zac will excel with it, but Emily really struggles with math and the simplest concepts go over her head, much to her frustration and mine. I have come to the conclusion that as long as she learns the necessary components of math, it's good enough. I doubt she will ever major in numbers and that's ok. I'm definitely sticking it out and we'll see how it goes this year. I have different friends who use it and they are huge fans of it so that's an encouragement. I think you're right, i need to learn the hang of it and then i have a feeling i'll become another fan. :)

  3. Thanks for the post...i LOVE reading what other homeschool moms are doing. We're trying to implement our homeschool right now...it's a little challenging with Joshua. We are really working with him and discipline...it's so exausting some days! But we started learning about Gladys Aylward and so far it's been a hit with the girls. We are definitely a work in progress right now. :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful night.


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