02 September, 2009

The rest of the curriculum.....

A couple things i forgot to add to our curriculum list. Eric and Emily both will be doing cursive by Handwriting Without Tears. Eric started it last year and will finish it and start the next book and Emily will be starting it from the beginning. Eric thoroughly loves that book and is always happy when it's cursive time. And that's a good thing. :)

The other thing i'm planning on implementing is a Nature Table. It's simply a table where we put interesting things we find in nature and label what it is. People often have a basket of nature study books, pencils, and paper on the table so you can research and label right away before you forget, which i can't imagine me ever doing. (liar,liar, pants on fire) I would kind of like to put it downstairs so we see it on a daily basis, but i need to find a small table. It's simply amazing all the things i need....:) as of now we have various (dead) butterflies and caterpillars (living) in jars to display. I will be buying sketchbooks for the kids and they will also draw the treasures along with labeling. Maybe it's time for me to stop blogging and time to finish up school shopping. I have so many great ideas and so little time.........

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