01 October, 2009

Soon and very soon.........

Ah, the house is completely quiet. The chillun's are sleeping, Marlin's at mens meeting, and i have peace and quiet. It's weird, i actually feel lonely when everyone is snoozing and there aren't any little voices to keep me company. They are such a part of my life, every moment of the day wrapped around their needs and wants. Exhausting? Uh-huh. Stressful? Sometimes. But i wouldn't change it for the world. I have also learned.... again....that consistency in training makes all the difference in whether you enjoy your children or not. Sigh, that's a lesson i have to learn over and over and over.

The midwife came for a house visit and did a check up of course. Everything looks great, the baby is growing, (doesn't take much of a brain to figure that out if you take the time to look at me)and i'm on the countdown. Only a month to go!! And of course i have no baby clothing ready, no baby bed set up, no birth supplies on hand, and only about 5 wee pampers. At least i have a diaper bag. It might be empty, and depending on the sex of the baby it'll be the wrong color, but i do have something to carry my pampers and extra baby clothing in. Once i get them, that is. I simply don't feel any urgency. I actually might be pregnant forever. I'm not depressed about it, not at all, i simply can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact that in a matter of days, i'll be holding a small baby, Lord willing. I can honestly say that i kind of like this part of pregnancy. The whole mysterious thing of when labor will start (in church? grocery store? friend's bathroom?) is fun, although i have successfully, for the most part, managed to forget about the not so fun part of actually having to squeeze a large baby through a very small space. And since we don't know what we're having, the suspense builds. It's amazing though how i'll forget to look what the baby is after the birth. I'm so busy repeating "thank you God, IT'S OVER!!" and making sure the baby's breathing and has the proper body parts, that i forget to check exactly what kind of body parts he/she even has... I think i'll change the subject, i'm having a few too many flashbacks. You know, the whole "big baby-small space" thing makes me feel a bit weak.

My man's home, time to close. :)

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  1. AHA! Now I can get on here and comment away! :) Finally....not sure what the deal was, maybe one of my settings. Yes, soon and very soon we shall see baby Weaver! How exciting!! I know all too well the fear of "Big baby-small space." Maybe b/c most of mine were 10 pounds or bigger. But what a privilege to be a Mama! I was reminded again this week with my little Gracie at the stage that she is at, all the labor pales in comparison, and it is such a small price to pay for such a great reward! As you already know....I am so glad to live close to you during this time. Looking forward to helping out in any way that I can. And I can't wait to hold this little one...or maybe I will hold my little boyfriend, Jonathan instead!? :) Fine by me!! Very excited for you and the family. You are a BEAUTIFUl pregnant Mama! (And don't you roll your eyes!!) ;)


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