26 September, 2009

What's in YOUR bucket?

What a week. The throwing started up sunday evening and ended yesterday morning. And only 2 of the children had the flu. The poor kids lay on the couch all week, alternately retching and sleeping. I can assure you that there were many heartfelt prayers rising to heaven that He would protect the rest of us, especially the twins. The good news is, from the sounds coming from the living room i'm guessing we're entering the next stage. Fighting, arguing and whining. Yup, they're healthy enough to want pity but not sick enough to earn it.

As you can imagine, school all but came to a stop. Eric kept up with most of his but it's hard to work on math while you're holding onto a bucket, so Emily gained a reprieve. Zachary looks like a walking concentration camp victim but i'm thinking a chocolate milk smoothie, made with raw milk, a raw egg, some cocoa powder, a half a banana and a probiotic, should go far towards regaining his health and Emily's. As for the rest of us? I'm dreaming of cream cheese and banana stuffed french toast, drizzled with real maple syrup and topped off with a cup of freshly ground coffee, brimming with frothy steamed milk. So long people, i have food to eat, children (and a man) to hug and a weekend to look forward to. Ta-da!

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