07 October, 2009

It's another day at the Weaver house. Busy, sometimes hectic, but always interesting. I finally got my baby clothes ready... kind of... and i want to stock up this weekend on wee little pampers, baby lotion, and a few extra baskets to hold all the precious little things in. I can hardly believe i only have a little over 3 weeks left. Emily can hardly wait, talking about how the baby will sit in it's bouncy seat, or how she will rock it to sleep. And she will. We had friends here for the weekend with an adorable 3 month old girl, and she sang her to sleep while cuddling her. So, so precious. I love having an 8 year old daughter and can't wait to watch her interact with her new sibling. She's trying to prepare herself in case it's a boy and yet can't keep the desire for a sister inside.

A couple of Bible verses jumped out at me today and i want to share them with you. When i think of labor, i can't help but wonder why God designed it this way. Yes, i know the curse and all that, but i can't help but think there's a reason more than that. For one, it's hard for any woman to give up control and when you're in labor, you don't have much choice. You can fight it all you want, but when push comes to shove (no pun intended) you don't have much choice but to surrender your body to the way God made it. Fighting it will only make it worse. Much worse. For me i can handle the contractions, but i usually reach a point where i don't want to do this any more and i want it to go away. I feel annoyed that i have no control over this body of mine and i don't usually have much more control over my emotions. And then there comes a point where i relinquish control and trust God to work through my body. It's not usually real long before the baby is born and i feel like climbing mountains in my joy at a new child. Giving up control, trusting our God, trusting our husbands........it all works together. I believe from the bottom of my heart that there is a work being done in a woman's heart every time she walks through the pain, trusting in her God. Making a choice to trust. And now for the verses that have brought me peace today.

..As for God, His way is perfect..Psalm 18:30

...In quietness and trust is your strength....Isaiah 30:15


  1. That was beautifully written, Darla!
    We're eagerly awaiting news of your new arrival, and praying for you as well... that you may walk into labor totally surrendered, out of control, and helplessly in love with Jesus, your Man, and your wee one.

    Love ya!

  2. I love reading your blog. I am looking forward to seeing your precious bundle too. Have a wonderful day... Love to you and your little ones

  3. Thanks friends, you are both a blessing to my life. :)


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