10 December, 2009

Happily addicted

I have an addiction. It's called frothed milk. Yeah, i know, living on the edge, that's me. Frothed milk is great stuff. It's makes out of this world chai lattes, tastes great on top of pumpkin spice tea, and makes me feel warm and cozy inside. It's proof that BOSCH loves me and wants me to be happy. Sigh.........i love frothed milk. Did i mention that i'm addicted?


  1. I AM PRAYING FOR YOU. This is a good sign...you know the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. Bless your heart...;)

  2. She doesn't seem in the least bit repentant tho Billy...She even said "happily...."There's still plenty of room for concern!!:)

  3. I think i might try frothing heavy cream. Just think of that on top of a chai. Definitely worthy of addiction. And i think you'all are just jealous. ;)


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