21 January, 2010

Almond latte's anyone?

It's 2:30 in the afternoon and i need a latte. An almond coconut one, but alas, i'm out of coconut extract so i make myself a plain almond one, but oh how delish! And then my brood of children walk in and i realized i should've hidden my latte from the small vultures. Too late and after a small sip they start begging for one. I look around at my work yet to be done and i know i don't have the time to make 3 latte's if i want to get my entire list done by supper. But, the vultures are awfully cute ones, and they did help with the cleaning. And i think of what i want them to remember when they're gone from home. "Yeah, i remember how mom, may she rest in peace, used to make these luscious latte's but didn't have time to make us any. Too much work with all us kids and all." They each got their own latte. AFTER a big juicy kiss on my cheek for payment.


  1. YOU are such a good MOM!!!Thanks for the good example you are!

  2. I must learn from this exemplary demonstration of kindness! I would have chased all the kids away with a broom... wait: I never use a broom so I wouldn't know where to find it in order to chase them. (Its not that I don't clean: we have all carpet. heh.)

  3. Way to keep things in perspective. And BTW, next time you want to make a coconut latte, you might call your neighbor. She just may have some and may just join you for a latte. Oh but then she'd bring along her tail of sweet vultures and that'd be 4 more lattes to add to the mix. Hmm


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