03 January, 2010

Vomit bucket please......

2009 was quite the year. A baby, a move, a new church, and many new friends. And because of one of these new friends, i found myself at a homeschool graduation. I actually wasn't even invited but my friend was and since her husband couldn't make it, she invited me along and we made it a girl's night out. The reason her man couldn't make it? They had company called puking. And since we also had the same company, our men and puking children hung out together while we headed for Harrisburg. Unfortunately we only made it for the last 15-20 minutes of the graduation, thanks to us getting lost, but somehow i don't mind it so much when i'm not in charge. We then took advantage of our free night and went to Chili's for supper and man, was that good food! I could've eaten double the amount of chicken but not wanting to look a pig, i ate dessert instead. Something's wrong with that picture but i'll leave it at that. We were having a great time when my friend got a phone call from her man, informing her that my two small sons had seriously pooped and they cleaned it up with only one wet wipe. As soon as they were cleaned up Jonathan blessed them by throwing up. So Marlin cleaned him up. With what i don't know and didn't ask. Afterwards, with a sigh of relief, (after all, how bad can it get) the men settled back in the living room, ready to enjoy some fellowship in front of the fire. Not happening. Jonathan puked again, all over Marlin and all over the carpet. Marlin gave up and brought the crew home. Meanwhile, us women enjoyed our food and headed to Walmart. We had just walked in the store when Emily said she wants to go home and i noticed her face was pale. I assured her she'll be fine but that we'll hurry (yeah right, who ever heard of hurrying through walmart) but we weren't there 15 minutes when she spewed vomit all over the floor, the bathroom door, (she was headed in the right direction)and her clothing. We cleaned her up, kind of, gave her a couple bags just in case and started grabbing groceries at a furious rate. Not fast enough and my poor daughter huddled in the womens clothing section, heaving into a walmart bag. We headed for the registers, a pregnant woman, a woman who looks pregnant according to her not so tactful sons, a small male child, and a green faced little girl, puke bag in hand. Poor Emily puked the whole way home and is still throwing up. In spite of it all, i had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. You know a person is maturing when they can have a good time in spite of the smell of puke in the air. Either that or she needs to get out more.


  1. Excuse me for laughing, Darla, but this post WAS FUNNY!! Horrible for those dear men and poor Emily, but it does make a funny post non the less! I trully hope that the stomach bug soon flies away from your house, but please don't send it to ours! We have gotten through the Holidays with no one getting sick...quite amazing as I remember many other years it being quite the opposite! Thinking of you and praying you will get through all this very soon! Just me, Jewel

  2. oh no! you are so right about that... when you find yosuelf enjoying things in life even when things are going all wrong around you - that's when you know you are maturing! I couldn't have put it better myself!

  3. Uggh,glad you could find humour in a bad situation!:)My husband would not have handled poop or puke well.Hope that "bug"is soon gone!Blessings to you in the New Year.


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