02 January, 2010

The first day of the new year is over and we welcomed it with much throwing up. What a way to celebrate! I just hope i don't join the celebratory puking. Jacob has decided that in lieu of a new year and new resolutions, he is no longer going to settle before 10 or 11 or even later. After all, how much fun is it to be in your lonely little bed when you can snuggle with mama and woo her with your sweet smiles and coos. I am older, smarter, and bigger, i will win. I hope. Little stinker.....

There are so many blog posts rolling around my brain, but i'm experiencing writer's block, so for now, Good night and Happy New Year!


  1. aww! so sorry about the pukies!

    LOL at Jaccob. Ven is still a night owl - but hey, so am I. how can I blame him? much trying on my part has gotten him to settle between 8-10 now instead of 10-12. I'll take that. though I long for the days when Eli was a baby and went ot bed at 7:30pm. loved it!

  2. Hope everyone is better really soon. Brents were here over New Years and Allison had the pukes too. Hope she didn't pass it on:)Have a good day!


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