07 February, 2010

16 inches of snow, a cozy house, sleeping twins, my man at home, and Emily working with me in the kitchen. I could ask for nothing else. Marlin and the boys are asking for 50 mph winds but no one really asked them, so that doesn't count.
Emily was in the mood to bake cookies so she got started. All went well until they started crumbling when she tried to put them in a container while warm. After putting them back on the counter to cool, she decided to put them on a plate for supper. She's holding the plate with one hand when disaster strikes. Her plate slipped and the cookies met the floor and to an 8 year old baker that's disaster. I heard a few sniffles while she picked them up but i decided that it's part of life, so i made no comment. Zac watched sympathetically and after she walked away he told me that "she worked really hard on those cookies," his large brown eyes full of concern. Emily's lucky it was him watching, the others would've immediately been on the floor, stuffing their mouths.
Onto another subject. A dear friend of mine lost a baby this week. She was early in her pregnancy, but that doesn't lessen the hurt. I know, i lost one at 10 weeks and i still remember the agony clawing at my heart. Huddled on my bed, sobbing as my dreams of a baby was lost in a gush of blood. Walking through the store, tears streaking down my cheeks as i looked at wee baby outfits. Holding a friend's baby and gulping back the tears as i stroked it's soft cheek. It's just a miscarriage, people said, but to me it was so much more than that. It was my baby. 7 babies later, they only get more precious and sweeter to me. I whisper a prayer of thanks in the morning when Jacob wakes to nurse. His sweet little warm body nestled to mine, warm and full of life. I think of mothers the world over who have lost their babies to crib death, cancer, or the countless ways it happens, and my heart aches, hardly knowing how to pray, wondering if it will someday happen to me. Every baby that God blesses us with is a gift, one to be cherished and loved. And every baby that is taken through death, God is still in control and God is still good.
Jess and Carol, we love you and rejoice that you are in the palm of God's hand. There is no better place to be.


  1. Darla, I can so relate to the value of life...especially the older I get. I have never had a miscarriage and it being my 7th preganancy (8th baby) I definitely thought about that this time. Will it be my turn? God in his goodness has not allowed that, but I still think about the miracle of birth growing inside of me and I wonder...is he going to bless me yet with another perfectly healthy baby? I thank the Lord for almost every movement inside of me this pregnancy. At my age...I am not taking a thing forgranted. We are getting so-o-o anxious. Just 6 more weeks, LW. Wasn't Saturday so much fun? I loved having Winfred home...which is very rare, even for a Saturday. He supplied lunch so I could continue my scrapbooking binge. I got 37 pages done on Saturday. A record breaker for me! I am doing the 90 day challenge this winter again and had not done a single page until Saturday and so now I am up do date with my challenge. Sigh! Hope your week goes well for you! Always nice to hear from you, Jewel

  2. Your caring, support, love and friendship mean more than you know. I am humbly grateful.God has been good,and every day seems to be better(i say that with a bit of caution. My emotions seem to be quite unsteady)But i know that God has a plan, and this is all part of a bigger picture.. He sees it and we don't yet. But He is in control, and we are thankful.


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