09 February, 2010

Snow and School

Batten down the hatches, throw on some hot chocolate, and pray the electricity doesn't go down. More snow is coming!!

The children (and daddy) are excited at the thought of more snow. There's another sledding party planned for Wednesday evening, and excitement in the Weaver family is running high. The children are lighting candles and feeling cozy. I'm trying not to feel claustrophobic. I think spring will be extra special this year with all the snow we're getting.

And now for an update on school. Spelling is going well, although i'm confused how they can spell so well in spelling class, but when it comes to a certain child's journal, the words cease making sense. I'm hoping it's the age..........
Math.......hmmm, the jury is still out on that one. I want to push and shove, all to calm that feeling of panic that my children are behind and at 18 years of age will still be having to count on their fingers. However, there isn't the hatred for math that there was last year for Eric and that's a good thing. Emily is working very hard and her spirit is very good about it, even though it's not an easy subject for her. I'm proud of her.
Language Lessons and copywork are going well and i'm planning on buying a writing program as soon as the website stops giving me hassle when i try and order. User issues? It's at "Timestales.com" and i'm excited about it.
The missionary stories that include geography, history, and character lessons are going well, when we get them done. The children don't like when we skip it, but the last 2 weeks we had a full plate so i promised it this week.
Science? What science......actually, we've been reading Pablo Yoders book about nature in Costa Rica. Highly recommended, the children LOVE it. I've also been reading the book "Minn of Mississippi" about a snapping turtle's journey down the Mississippi, and they love that one too. Chock full of science and they get some cozy story time with mama, although with the twins the cozy feeling has a way of disappearing.

The children are doing AWESOME with getting up early. It's what works for us this year, and i'm so proud of them for getting up cheerfully. It helps that they know cheerfulness is not an option. The long arm of the law comes home every evening at around 6.

And now they lighted their candles and are singing "this little light of mine." See what a lovely, spiritual family we are? Just ignore the blood curdling screams in the background. It's the twins. They don't normally act this way. They are teething, have a cold, are expressing themselves, had a bad dream last night..........pick whichever one you want.
Have a great snow day and for the kicks of it, grab a sled and take a ride. You'll feel invigorated and your children will love you for it.

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