19 February, 2010

The flu.......

The difference between the female and male race is amazing. For example. I'm sick. The kind of head aching, raw throat, swollen eyes, i just want to lay in bed kind of sick. I've been taking dainty amounts of oregano oil and garlic. Marlin is also fighting it but throughout the night he took enough herbal pills to start a pharmacy. 59 pills of various herbal combinations, 2 tsp. codliver oil, 2 tsp. oregano oil, and various drinks with stuff mixed in. He's feeling much better than his wife and is actually at work, so i'm stepping up the treatment. I'm sitting woodenly at the breakfast table this morning, trying to decide if laying on the couch all day makes me a bad mom, when Emily tells me to take it easy. She will work on school by herself, clean up the kitchen, and take over the housework. She assured me that i will only have to do "weak" work and she'll take over the tough stuff. Eric? He believes he will take the day off from school. Yup, no need to stretch your brain when your mama looks like she lost hers. That boy has a lot to learn before he gets married. ;)

So wish me well as i go raid the herb cupboard, i'm going to beat this stinkin' flu.


  1. Awww! Hope you are feelnig better soon cuz goodness knows how awful that bug can feel! What a blessing though though that you've got some good helpers and that you have 'herbal' wisdom (I do NOT - all I have in my cabinet is echinechea, elder berry, yarrow, peppermint, and lobelia!).
    Now go get some rest!

  2. Get well soon, Darla! It's not fun when Mom is sick! Everything comes to a hault! "If mom ain't happy no ones happy!" Thinking of you, Jewel

  3. Hope you feel better really soon!! Your Emily is SOOO CUTE! I just love her! Rest and take it easy. And btw.. I can hardly stomach the 4-5 vitamens i take...Marlins treatment about makes me wanna....:)
    Love you.

  4. Hey Darla, Hope you're all better by now. It's not fun to be a mommy and be sick. Have a wonderful day! Karen


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