16 February, 2010

Amish and Donuts

I love amish neighbors. Especially when they walk over in the blowing snow to hand deliver homemade donuts. Made fresh this morning. We're all walking around in donut drunkenness, having each inhaled half of one. We all wanted 3 times that much but i need to teach the children self control. And their mother.


  1. I can Amen this post all the way! Today we were at a Haiti Earthquake Fundraiser and of course the Amish were selling all their wonderful homemade goodies. My eyes fell on the donuts and I got some for our cabin getaway this weekend. I had to taste a 1/2 before sticking them in the freezer with a big sign on them, 'Do not eat! Saved for the cabin!' Is it ever hard to stop with a 1/2 a donut that was freshly made this morning. But, you are right...where does self control come in at?! These snow blizzards must have prompted alot of people to make donuts. Janisa made us some and I heard of others who did when it was snowing and blowing. It just fit with the weather and sipping some hot cocoa.

  2. Sorry Darla! I forgot to sign my name with my comment...this would be Jewel~:)

  3. Lol, i was wondering who wrote the post. :) Nice to hear from you Jewel, enjoy those donuts!



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