14 March, 2010

By-by grains

Due to some serious health issues in this family, we have decided to take the leap and go grain free. Completely. For how long i don't know, but for definite the next 6 weeks and at that point, we'll take stock and see where we go from there. Marlin, who is struggling the most, will also be rice, fruit, and potato free. Basically no carbs, just meats, bone broths, vegetables, both raw and fermented, dairy, again raw and fermented, and lots and lots of healthy fats. Josh has been having classic Lyme's signs for quite a while and has a meeting set up with a nutritionist who specializes in Lymes. After talking with her yesterday, Marlin and i both felt clear that it's what we need to do. She asked me if there's anyone else in our family with issues and when i told her that Emily deals with constant bellyache and yeast issues, she really encouraged us to ditch all grains. Sooo, since it's easier to all eat the same, we'll all be eating grain free. At least while at home. When we go away, i'll probably be more lenient with myself (don't want to suffer too bad) and the children, except for Josh.

I'm excited. Marlin and i have been talking about doing this for awhile, but you know how it goes. It feels good to talk, not so good to act on it. I still have some spelt bread to finish up and we won't be getting serious til after the weekend, due to company coming, but after that, it's buckle down and get real. Cooking gluten free doesn't scare me, since i bake 75% gluten free anyway, but it's the bread part that leaves me feeling a little open ended. What on earth will i feed the children for lunches? Plan ahead and make sure i cook enough suppers for leftovers the following day. I see a lot of eggs in our future.


  1. i'm here for moral and practical support 100% and if course recipes galore! i'm fruit free too but i eat some berries. we only use hone- not a drop of any other sweetener. it's worked great for us. challenging but worth all the work.

    the bread on my websites is grain free - the recipe has rice flour in it but i have used arrowroot just fine also. ;) if you can use yeast you can make even better bread but i am yeast free... so i don't personally eat "real" bread.

    being grain free is expensive - no way around it. but our health is so much better - especially eli and i.

    (now... to get away from lead ... heh)

    honestly te hardest part is going to other people's houses. and being mennonite that's not easy feet for you all! ((hugs)) but it works itself out, I promise. eventually it's second nature.

    you're probably wondering why I'm shoving ll this moral support down your throat right now huh? lol I just know how hard it was so switch for the first couple of months. gluten free was a cinch comparatively. so if times get touch I just want you to know I've been there and it gets way easier.

    ok enough of my blogging in your comments section!!! for shame! ;)

    too good health!

  2. how many spelling errors could i possibly have in one comment!? good grief... this is why I shouldn't be typing while nursing a 11 months old! ha

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Laura. At this point, if it makes my family feel better it's all worth it!!

  4. You'll do great on this new adventure that the Lord is leading you guys one!!! :) I'll be praying for ya as I'm eating my meat and veggies. :)

  5. OOOOOps, i spelled "on" wrong!!!! And i'm not nursing my baby, i have no excuses!!! :)

  6. We're with you too! Joyful Mama and I have just been on GAPS (grain free, dairy free, starchy free) for a couple months now and are seeing great results from it! Honey is our only sweetener and we just eat a lot of homemade sausages/meatballs (no bread crumbs/eggs) for breakfast (&lunch) since these are soooo easy to make and freeze (can even cook them b4 freezing if you want) in LARGE batches. We can't have eggs either (kids still sensitive to them) so these help.

    We had to start this due to food sensitivities in 2-3 of the 4 kids. One was just sick all the time since 9months (he's 4y!) and we decided in Jan that we just couldn't 'cheat anymore - for his sake! We are ALL on the same restrictions because it's just easier to cook and easier for thosewho need it not to have to watch us eat what tnhey can't. We are planning at least 12 months with lots of probiotics to get some really good gut healing.

    Hope you find some good results soon!! Nothing like a good diet change to bring better health! Don't forget to post about it so we can encourage you in the tough times!

  7. Wow! Good for you! My lunch suggestion is SOUP!

    We have soup for lunch, soup for supper, and more soup most days of the week. (Makes Andrew's lunches WAY easier - just fill the soup thermos.)

    I'm excited to hear your results!

    Love, ya!


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