11 March, 2010

Spring fever

I have a problem. It's called spring fever. Ever try to teach your child to write a limerick when all you want to do is ditch the books and head outside? I never did either before this week and let me tell you, it's not easy for me or the child. Yesterday 2 of my friends and i met at the park for lunch and it was wonderful. The children played and the women talked and ate. And ate. At least i did. My friend Carol made the food and it was awesome! Chicken salad sandwiches and the BEST chocolate chip cookies. I ate so many i had bellyache the rest of the day. Seriously. I comforted myself by eating a popsicle that i had gotten for a special treat for the children. I then jumped on the rebounder in the vain hopes that 5 minutes of jumping would cancel out a whole day of eating.
So to give the children and myself a boost to get the last of the schoolwork done, i've planned a few special treats. If they get a certain amount of work done by April 1, we'll have an ice cream party with another homeschool family. Marlin will make the ice cream and each school age child will get to go to Weis and pick out a topping of their choice. To my kids, that's a big deal. They NEVER get to pick out ice cream toppings, cause we make our own, but this time i've promised them no health regulations. If they fail to make the deadline? We all suffer. Especially me. And then i marked on their schoolbooks a number of pages later, "BIG SURPRISE!" They don't know what the surprise is and won't find out until they reach that page. I'm not sure on the big surprise yet. Hershey Chocolate world? (yeah, baby!!!), a real kite? (as compared to the $2 cheap ones)............
So far it's working fabulously. They've been doing double, and for Eric that's a big deal. This child went from not knowing his multiplication tables a couple of weeks ago, to now multiplying doubles and carrying. I aim to have his 4th grade math book finished by early May. I hope.....
We have also found a wonderful way to do spelling. We use "All About Spelling" (love, love, love it!!!) and we used to do it around the kitchen table early morning. Cold table, cold feet, and a cold kitchen. We now cuddle on the couch under blankets, a child on either side, and work through the lesson together. They have a pillow under their book for support, and it's been working great. I don't have to freeze my delicate system (ahem) and they get to snuggle with mama, all the while learning how to spell. What more could you want from spelling?
I am so ready for spring and summer, and to be honest, i'm ready for a break from school. Iced tea, fresh vegetables, lots of walking, picnics..........bring it on!


  1. Hey!

    Josh did the Master Cleanse two or three weeks ago. Guess what?

    He can eat BEEF and PORK! He hasn't tasted either, except by accident, in 20 years!


  2. That's AWESOME!!!!! Who would've guessed!

  3. Aaaahhhh Beautiful Spring, bring it on!!!! Great idea with the ice cream!!!


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