08 March, 2010

Mint jelly and "baa, baa black sheep"

Wish me luck. I'm off to try my hand at making homemade mint jelly. For what? For some roasted lamb that we're having for supper. Marlin smoked the lamb and then rubbed spices over it and i am given the honor of not ruining it in the baking process. It will probably be the only prayed over lamb meal in the area. I would really hate to ruin a delicacy and to be honest? Lamb makes me nervous, both in the preparing and in the eating. That mutton i ate as a teenager affected me for life. Never again do i want to think of male sheep while i'm sitting at the table eating flesh from said animal. So i guess i need prayer both for the jelly and the lamb. And myself.
I'll let you know the results.

The mint jelly was weird, the lamb was great.


  1. So how was the lamb and mint jelly?Definitely not your traditional Pa.Dutch meal!

  2. Lol, i think we quit eating traditional pa dutch food a long time ago. We had indian curry last night with naan. Pa dutch food has now become a treat. :)


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