23 April, 2010

6 weeks of grain free

This weekend will mark 6 weeks of (mostly) grain free eating. The "mostly" part was for me, not Marlin. I don't think he has had even one grain of, well, grain. :) So what's our conclusion? I'm not sure. I lost no weight until i got the flu, at which point i promptly lost 10 lbs within 48 hrs. Of course half of that came back when i started eating and my system filled up. So i was a little disappointed since i was hoping to have the rest of my baby weight melt off of me, but now it looks like i will actually have to work to lose the rest. I did have a small piece of soaked spelt bread, toasted with butter, when i was sick. Within minutes i had a slamming headache. Was it the spelt or the flu? I won't know until i try again. Neither did i ever have a time in the last 6 weeks when i felt fantastic. The only thing that makes me think i do have a few grain issues is the terrible way i felt the first 2 weeks. Major die-off doesn't happen unless you've got an issue. It's probably no coincidence that i have family members with gut issues. Maybe i'll just go find a big pile of sand and dig my head into it. Always helps to ignore things.

Marlin? He has noticed no difference. Zero. Nada. His energy level is down again but the one good news is that his blood pressure is too. Why? Don't know for sure. I have my theories but that doesn't mean a lot since i'm always having theories.

Will we stay off grains? I do think grains are good and healthy if prepared properly, but where we go from here i'm not sure. A good friend of mine and one i trust with health issues, told me we may not see a difference until we start eating grains again. I know we should probably go really strict GAPS diet, but right now i'm not ready for that. I want to get the GAPS book and do some reading. I want to know why i'm doing what i'm doing and to find out, i need to read. And pray. Unless it's something that God is leading us to do, it won't work anyway, and in the end, that's all that matters. We will never eat "perfectly" and i want to remember that. I want a healthy balance but more than anything, i want Jesus Christ to reign supreme over my life. In light of eternity, it's not really going to matter if i ate grains or not. So with that cheerful thought, i am going to bid "adieu."


  1. Just wondering how Joshua is doing? I found a tick on Liam the other day and it made me think of your ordeal. I do hope he is well! The mere thought of lymes scares me.
    Miss you!

  2. for me going grain free took some time before I had results. I noticed less and less bloating, stomach aches, headaches and so forth over time. and then I realized I was taking aaway grains but not adding in probiotics/floro to reboost and rebuild my system. After that I started feeling a lot better.

    isn't there a verse in the Bible about that? if only i could recall the scripture. something about cleaning a house and leaving it empty gives it more room for dirt. you have to clean it and then fill it with good things if you want it to stay clean. granted that's supposed to have spiritual meaning - but frankly it's pretty good advise for the gut too! :)

    have you tried quinoa before? a lot of people have good luck with that as it's only "sorta" grain. it can be considered a protein like beans too... though I believe soaking it is nessecary. I tried some last week (I've been baking with it) and I'm back to bloating and stomach aches and so forth. so I'm going to give soaking it a whirl.

  3. p.s. my last blog sums about how we've been in the grain free area lately...

  4. Frustrating when you don't see any results. I agree with your friend about looking for reactions when you start eating grains again. It'll be interesting to see if there are any reactions. I do believe Nourishing Traditions is the most balanced diet, IMO. We are going right back to it when we have finished up GAPS. I miss bread!!!!! :)

  5. We ate grains in Ohio this weekend. Can't say we noticed anything major. I do feel bloated, however i felt bloated before we left, so not sure that's really an indicator. Marlin wants to keep grains pretty much out of the house for now...........will be interesting to see what the nutritionist says about Josh next week. Josh broke out in sores around his mouth but again, that happened before grains were reintroduced. Who knows.......

    Laura, we tried quinoa and Marlin didn't care for it so that's a no go. :(

    Licia, Josh isn't doing bad, but i can tell he isn't 100% either. His dark circles under his eyes came back last week.........


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