26 April, 2010

The Secret

It's been a quiet Monday, and that's a blessing. A big one in my book, esp. considering the fact that we made a flying trip to Ohio and made it back in time for a busy Sunday. We spent last evening with my family (every 4th Sunday my family gets together) and to be honest, i really didn't want to go. I wanted to stay home, eat some pizza and wings, and watch one of the new food movies that Marlin bought. However, we had a good evening and i know it meant the world to my mother. She was very "with it" last evening, which was a pleasant surprise, but i know by now to take it at face value and not read anything into it. As in, "i think she's getting better," since i also happen to know that she had a bad morning, memory wise. Speaking up publicly in church does not bode well for her future......

Remember that "secret" i mentioned several posts ago? Well, little did i know the interest that would spark. Is Darla pregnant? Maybe with triplets this time? Did she finally go off the deep end and grill her parent's annoying, nasty, yapping rat terrier for supper? (i wish someone would) Nope, nothing that interesting. To be honest, i'm a little embarrassed that my "secret" isn't bigger and more interesting. I'm thinking about waiting til i have something interesting to post about, and making it the new secret. If i wait long enough, i'm sure i could come up with something earth shattering, but i guess i should go ahead and tell. It is food related. Kind of gross, and yet not gross enough to be really, really gross. I've convinced another friend to try it before me. It's dark red and brown colored, and gooshy. You eat it raw.........and it's really good for you. Native Americans would eat it straight from the animal they killed. Warm and throbbing and full of B vitamins and enzymes. Nope, it's not the heart. Some cultures wouldn't even touch it with their fingers, as it was considered a sacred part of the animal, but would use the tip of their spears. It's...................(drum roll)

raw liver. That's all. That's my secret. And i've eaten it raw. With applesauce. I didn't even puke, which made it much less interesting for the children. I eat it frozen, chopped up into very small pieces, and smothered in applesauce and quickly swallowed. No taste, just an icy feeling as it slides down your esophagus. Will we keep eating it? I don't know, but i would rather eat it raw than cooked. Now THAT is nasty. Raw liver is a super food, simply loaded with vitamins, especially the B vitamins. I figure it's cheaper than a high quality vitamin, but whatever you do, DO NOT EAT RAW LIVER FROM CONVENTIONAL CHICKEN. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

So there you have it. Wanna' be healthy and save some money? Skip the vitamin pills and eat liver. Raw. And i do have one other little secret.........

i just ate a whole box of chocolates by myself. Not at one time, but one at a time. Or 2 at a time. I did share some with Marlin and i offered Emily part of one, but that was it. I don't even feel guilty, i feel full. Marlin gave me an early Mother's Day gift. Rich and dark and the best part? Handmade, sweetened with raw honey and loaded with butter and coconut oil. Phenomenal!!!!!! Just a small box, the right size to hide in the back of the fridge and in the desk drawer. If you hide it in the desk drawer, just make sure to return it to it's hiding place before a child finds it.
"Mom, what's this?"
"Ummm, a box?"
"Did daddy get this for you?"
Sigh, " i can't wait until i'm married."


  1. Finally:)!!! And no,not as earthshattering as I might have thought. :) :)

    Your house LOOKED quiet and very relaxed.. Good for you,esp with being away.Mondays can be rather unsteady for me at times:/
    Love to you....

  2. This is FUNNY! Dawn Landis and I were actually talking about you at our Spring School Program wondering what your secret is? Is she pregnant? Or what could it be?! Dawn thought she would just give you a call once and put her mind at rest!:) Did you call her, Dawn?! Next time come up with a better secret than eating 'raw liver!' That is one food I refuse to make for my family! Winfred told his mom when he was little, "Please don't plant any more liver in the garden!" And me? I had to eat a little every time my mom would make it and I would choke and carry on! I hated the smell and the texture of it! You can eat my share of liver...enjoy!:) Jewel


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