07 April, 2010

Greek Yogurt

I need to confess to someone and i can't to Marlin since he's already sleeping and waking him is simply not an option. Seriously, not an option. I just ate one of Marlin's prized yogurts that he bought tonight for work. It's not just any yogurt, it's GREEK yogurt. Oh my, oh my, where have i been for 30+ years? And it had real pomegranate seeds in it too. It's good we have a strong marriage...i know he'll forgive me. I did make sure i didn't take the only pomegranate one, but who can resist pomegranate yogurt in cute little cups? Thick, creamy and full of flavor, i am definitely going to make my own. The only thing that really annoyed me with this yogurt was that it is low fat. So i intend to make full fat Greek yogurt. All you do is make regular yogurt and strain it. And then i will buy some fresh fruit and treat myself. Of course i will treat the children too. They can eat the whey off of the strained yogurt. Did i just blog that out loud? Awww, they're so cute they deserve some yogurt too. We'll have a cozy family party with Greek yogurt.......and i'll take pictures and put it in the children's school portfolio's and call it, um let me see.........culture.......ummmmmm.........Greek culture studies. Or maybe it should be Greek food studies. Or maybe we should just eat yogurt and forget the school part.


  1. uh-oh....you in BIG twuble....shame, shame, shame....Next time at least call me over to share it, then you have an accomplice!:)

  2. i love greek yogurt! so easy to make too. I can't wait til I can have it again. I told Sean as soon as I stop nursing - like the exact second - I'm eating a big bowl of greek yogurt and a pizza! I dream of it often :)


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