11 April, 2010

Playing store

I have a strange affinity for self check-out lines at my local Weis Markets. What can i say? It's that little kid in me that used to play store and now i can play for real. Unfortunately, i'm barely fit to go grocery shopping alone, much less check my own groceries out. Let me explain. I went through the self check out no less than 3 times today. That's right, 3 times!!!! And all within 5 minutes. I checked the first load out, which the computer kept insisting that i wasn't supposed to check out potting soil without help. I kept insisting i could. The computer won. I waved one of the bored young "helpers" over and said i need help. His expression didn't argue with me at all. Just as i was finishing up, my phone rings and big daddy Weav' needs charcoal. So i park the baby and the 2 older children for protection at the front of the store, and run for charcoal. Second time through. Finally i was ready to head out when i realized i was trying to steal lighter fluid. It had been hiding behind the baby carseat, so i turn around and go through again. That is the third time i have either stolen, or almost stolen things from Weis. Have no fear, i always make sure i pay up, but i'm getting weary of being an accidental thief. O well, it's just another shopping trip with myself.

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