17 May, 2010

Of Potty Training and Purification

The dreaded day has finally arrived. Twin potty training time, spurred on by the fact that i'm tired of spending money on pampers. Every penny spent on Luvs could be put towards the farm. Not only that, Caleb has been sitting on the toilet on his own requests and has learned how to release at will. Jonathan still hadn't learned that as of this morning but it only took one accident and he learned. He stood with a puzzled look on his face as he felt his underwear get wet. We ran for the potty and he finished. Victory dance all around. I've decided to forgo the whole little potty thing and we're going straight to the big one. I haven't given them any treats yet, since i would love to train them without the candy bribes, but i'm willing to start if it makes a difference.
I hate potty training. It was one of the first things i thought of when i discovered we were having twins. "Lord? Could you make them self training? Like in one day?" I know He could, since He also answered my prayers for them to be thumb suckers. The only thumb suckers in the family. But i have a feeling He may also see fit to work on my character.............
So i'm taking suggestions and lots of prayer. And i was serious when i said every penny i save goes toward the farm. I learned something those hard years of paying off consumer debt. I felt like there was nothing important i could do to help us get out of debt as a stay at home mom. After all, what difference would it make if i save $2 at the grocery store. But as i prayed about it and concocted huge plans to make money from home, I felt God impressing on my heart to obey and save on the smallest thing, and He would multiply it. And He did, far beyond what we dreamt. It wasn't easy, but i would often pray before i went shopping, even grocery shopping or yard saling, praying that He would help me spend wisely. Even 50 cents at a yard sale was too much if it meant 50 cents toward paying our debt. Don't get me wrong, we still had lots of fun and lots of food (who am i kidding, i'm married to a foodie), and i did go yard saleing, but it was a heart thing. God wasn't looking for me to be perfect, He was simply asking me to be willing to sacrifice. And i was amazed over and over again at how He would bless me with the smallest desires of my heart. We have been in a time of financial blessings the last while. A person can get used to a steady paycheck real fast and after a while, you learn to depend on that security. But God is asking us once again to step out in faith, and learn to live even more frugally. I won't pretend that i'm full of glorious faith and looking forward to sacrificing, but i know without a doubt it will be worth every penny. Our heart's desire is to teach the children the joy of working hard for what they get and to be willing to go without. Not just for their own pocketbooks, but for the glory of God. After all, how can we expect our children to be willing to suffer for their faith and to be willing to go to the farthest ends of the earth for Jesus Christ if they're surrounded by wealth and comfort from little on up? As a church, and i'm preaching to myself here, we have sucked up the worlds mindset far more than we have a clue when it comes to things and stuff. I can't help but wonder how and when God Himself will start the purification of the American church......
How i went from potty training to purification is beyond even me, except that potty training children in my life is a huge tool for purification. :)


  1. Sending you my very best wishes for the potty training!!! I think using the "big pot" is a great idea... less mess! I remember I thought I was going to train Ashley using just the big pot but she wasn't real impressed. Then one day I pulled out the little potty and she thought is was the neatest thing and was soon trained. Just something to keep in mind but your tough little guys might like the big potty idea better! My sis-in-law potty trained her little girl using the big potty most of the time and she did real well.
    Hope to see you Sat. at the picnic!

  2. I hope it goes amazingly well. It sounds like they got a good start already. You go girl!

  3. Hi Darla!
    I declare that the 2 Biggies in raising a family is 'potty-training' and your children learning to drive! Sigh! (We are on #2 with that one!) One little tip that helped with potty training our twins is to put the little potties in the kitchen. It took #6&7 to figure this one out! From experience I found that whenever I would leave the bathroom to do something they would get up and follow me instead of staying put and going potty. Having them in the kitchen with books they could relax while I worked. Just a tip that hopefully will help. Jewel


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