11 May, 2010

Like little birds, they stand there, mouths open and waiting anxiously for the next yummy morsel. They don't know that they're supposed to be grossed out and gagging. They like it plain or smothered in applesauce, whichever way is fastest. The twins have a favorite new snack, and it's called raw, frozen liver. You knew that was coming, didn't you. :) While i was giving myself and Josh our morning liver dose, i started thinking about our worlds twisted food mindset. Here, give your child a soda, laced with high fructose corn syrup and colorings, proven to cause diabetes and obesity, but GOD FORBID that you hand him or her a glass of raw milk. The raw milk fight is quite amazing to watch, the ludicrous fact that the government wants to outlaw raw milk, that has been proven to have many health benefits, to protect "the young, the pregnant, and the old" but you can buy beer by the case, and cigarettes to numb your senses, never mind that the young, the pregnant and the old have to take in second hand smoke and deal with a drunkard beating their children. Sigh, lets just say that i'm so very glad this world is not my home and i'm so very glad that this government is not my security. And for the record, we do allow our children the rare soda, probably because mama here still craves herself a coca cola once in a while. I'm not condemning you if you allow your children soda, however, i would encourage you to do some serious research on the effects of that yummy, fizzy, addictive drink, along with everything else the government tell us to do, but be careful. If you start researching too much and questioning the "system" too deeply, you may find yourself shocked and saddened at what's happening to our "good old USA." May God have mercy on us.


  1. Curious, is this beef or chicken or what liver?

  2. Seriously!! That we can KILL our own babies but NOT drink milk right from an udder does not make sense. Very frustrating as a momma who wants so much to feed her children well and yet have to fight the rest of my family t keep the junk away from them. My mom almost gags when I use lard and so I don't tell her about the raw egg yolks and raw liver (truth be told, my hubbs isn't quite sold on that one but he'l get it soon enough).
    Question - I have a hard time cutting the liver into small bites without it turning to mush. Should I use beef liver instead (I just happen to have access to more chicken livers)? And how much do you give each kid per day?

  3. Licia, it's chicken liver.

    Andrea, i freeze the livers individually on a cookie sheet, then throw them into a freezer bag. That way i can pull just one out at a time. This morning Josh, the twins, and i shared one whole chicken liver, which isn't much but seems like a lot at the time. I cut it into pill sized pieces while it's still frozen and swallow quickly with applesauce.

    The main reason i'm eating it is to build up my own liver for future pregnancies. I know that having chilluns' is hard on my body and i want to do whatever i can to keep myself healthy.


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