07 May, 2010

Someone loves me

Buy healthy Black Cherry yogurt. Good idea. Sit down in front of computer with open container of said yogurt and spoon. Bad idea. Ah well, it could've been ice cream.

God is so good. Not only is He good, but He also notices the small things in life. The small things that mean so much to us silly humans and yet? He cares. I had one of those mornings where my allergies and emotions flared up. I finally sat down on the garage steps, covered my face with my hands, and cried. I sobbed my heart out to God and apologized for not being more spiritual and then realized how silly that was. God doesn't give a hoot about me being spiritual, He cares about me being real, about me pouring my heart out to my heavenly Father, and about me listening. To Him. As any woman knows, after you have a good and much needed cry, you feel better. I felt much better and had a great day. And then those little blessings started flowing in. Small blessings but huge signs that God, in all His great and unfathomable ways, reached down and covered me with His love. In spite of my itchy eyes and snotty nasal passages, i had energy and got much work done. But when i really sat up and took notice was when Marlin came home. He had gone to the health food store where we buy our milk, and when he got home i started putting things away. I held up a bottle of organic shampoo, exactly what i was needing but hadn't said anything because i didn't want to spend the money, and puzzled, i asked him if i had told him to get it. Nope, it was cheap because the lid had broken, although the bottle was full. Hmmm, interesting. I then pulled out yogurt and again, i wondered, and he said he just wanted to bring some home. Exactly what i needed. Tucked at the bottom of the box were a couple cans of organic tomatoes. Marlin? Did you buy these for any reason? Nope, they were on sale. Wow, again, exactly what i needed. And of course i can't forget the 13 bags of dried beans my man brought home. I had asked for 3, and he blesses me with 13. I get excited over things like that. When i put them away i felt virtuous. Now we can eat for an extra month if the economy collapses. Oh, and don't forget those licorice candies that i have a weakness for. They were in the box too. All those little things i knew were little love letters from my daddy in heaven. He saw that i needed a little extra love today, and He cared. And then i got to go on a long walk, just me, Jacob and God. And it was good. Very, very good. My God loves me, and all is right with my world.


  1. how sweet :) the beginning of your day sounds like all of my day. my allergies and emotions always flare together. it's like they are connected in some way I can't put my finger on.

    I'm glad your day got better after a good cry!

  2. Beautiful and so real...

    "the love of God is greater far
    than tongue or pen could ever tell..."


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