03 June, 2010

I'm still alive.....

Just in case anyone cares and wonders where i got to. As i told the women at church, it's been a whirlwind of cows and milk. Yummy milk and pretty cows, but that doesn't help that whirlwind feeling. We started milking at the farm last Friday and made hay this past weekend. I've been over on a regular basis, both to take food and to start organizing my parents place for the upcoming auction. They're downsizing big time, so it's been interesting to clean out dresser drawers that haven't been touched in a long time. I'm finding things that mom put away when her mind was better and finding pictures of a different time. It promises to be a busy next month or two (who am i kidding, next decade!) but it's worth it when i see the manly way Eric handles the skid loader and the way he sticks to his daddy's side on the farm. Zac and Josh are too young to help as much, but they're loving having hay bales to climb and cows to herd. Boys and farms just seem to go together. It's a dream coming true for us, to work as a family and to be a team. It's certainly not all peaches and cream, (although we've definitely got the cream, ;)pun intended,) and there's been a number of apologies that had to be made. Anyone who knows us well won't doubt that, but we're a work in progress and we want this to be God's farm and God's plans. That brings such a peace to my heart when i feel the pressure mounting. I surrendered my heart to Him 8+ years ago and that surrender has only deepened, at least i WANT it to deepen. There's no other way to live and to walk with confidence and joy in today's scary world. Especially if it involves dairy cows and farms in this economy...........hey, if all else fails we can always drink milk. Haha, i'm funny, aye?

Onto other things. I took Eric and Emily for their evaluations today and walked away feeling encouraged and relieved that i can now focus on packing and getting ready to move. The evaluator did give me many things to think about, mainly that i'm still too focused on workbooks for school. Huh? Eric's eyes gleamed and he commented how he really liked her. Yeah, no kidding. Definitely food for thought and prayer. As with anything else in this life, i need to take it before the Lord and my man, and trust their guidance. Marlin tends to think outside the box in this area, so i can get a little nervous.........i like boxes. They make me feel calm, neat, and in control. Oops, maybe it's the control part that God is working on.

Speaking of control, i will have none tomorrow if i don't find my bed. God bless each one of you!


  1. Absolutely wonderful to read your blog and catch up with you and find out WHY!!! i have been disappointed so many times when i check your blog. Ok. I understand completely why. Its just that down here, you have very little outside communication, and reading friends blogs, EMAIL (hint hint) or being able to chat is xtra special. and who am i to talk... i have only been here a week. Still true. I love reading your blogs. You are an inspiration to me. Love to you, my friend.

  2. Hi Darla! I've been thinking about you... Great hearing from you again! Sounds like life is quite exciting out there. :) I would love to get together again and catch up... the problem is when!?! Maybe next year!:) I'll have to give you a call one of these days... Hope you have a good week~ Love, Dawn


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