30 June, 2010

Of paint and food

Picking out paint for a house can put an interesting twist on a marriage. Marlin leans towards the classy.....khaki, sage greens, warm earth tones. Me? My favorite color in the paint aisle was called sour lime. Delish! Marlin just shook his head but did say i could paint a small room that color. A very small room. I can't wait.........

We actually will be doing very little painting at first, simply due to monetary limits. We're painting the kitchen and living room so i don't feel all weird and like i actually never grew up and got married and left home, and even that may happen after moving day. It's just a funky feeling to move into your parents home, like i'm somehow going to turn into my parents. I love them dearly but that is most definitely not my goal in life.

As far as having my man around every day? LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!!! He takes the twins along as often as he can when he runs errands and that isn't because i ask. What's not to like about that? It's like Saturday every day except that we don't go out for ice cream in the evening. I have to admit that Marlin and i both went through a period of sadness about his job at Martin Appliance being over. It was a wonderful stage of life and i was quite surprised to having feelings of loss. We both have wondered what our life will look like in 10 years...........

Our tentative moving date is next weekend and then? Dial up internet! Which means i won't be using the computer very much, which means.........not many blog posts. Besides, i'll be running after cows and making butter, churning ice cream and cooking, cooking, and when i'm finished with that, cooking some more. No wonder farmer wives tend to be good cooks, and a bit on the round side. That seems to be all i'm doing lately and hopefully i will eventually become a decent cook, without the round look if i can help it.

And i must now go clean up after cooking all morning. Ta-da!

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