11 October, 2010


AAACCCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! That woman over there banging her head against a wall? That's me, trying to teach one of my children how to count money. This is math curriculum #5 since we started teaching this certain child several years ago. Yes, yes, yes, i know, DON'T CHANGE MATH CURRICULUMS!!!! EVER!!!! Horizons moved WAY to fast, MathUSee to slow and too far behind where this child needed to be, ACE didn't even sink in at the most basic level, and i can't even remember what other ones we tried. I think we finally found the one that works, however, it takes me sitting beside said child (named omitted to retain child's dignity) and carefully explaining each concept, step by step. Over and over and over and over and over............Every so often i leave the room, clutching my head and wishing i could take a long walk on a short plank. And God forbid i EVER show a trace of impatience in my voice or the child will dissolve into tears.....i think we will do a ceremony of tossing the book out the window when we're finished. However, math needs to be learned, come what may and so help me God, WE WILL FINISH!!! Having said all that, i do like the math we're doing this year. It's basic, nothing fancy, and black and white. It's nothing professing christian, but i figure you can get only so spiritual about 1+1, although there is nothing obnoxious that i've seen so far. It's also inexpensive and it's mastery, not spiral learning, which is a MUST for this dear, math handicapped child of mine. MCP. Modern Curriculum Press. And through the tears and head clutching, our heart strings are tied together yet some more as we slay this math dragon. So there you have it, a homeschool moment in the Weaver household.


  1. I had a very difficult time mastering math as a child and i felt so stupid because of it. (I'm still not a mathematical thinker)

    Some people's minds just take longer to move past the story concept style thinking to the logical style thinking - just how God made them. But it will happen in it's due time :) God is in control of all things, even when all children learn to count money... or tie their shoe... or speak their first word. all things have a reason and purpose even those little ones that make us bang our heads in frustration.... actually... ESPECIALLY he little ones that make us bang our heads in frustration!

  2. Been there, done that. Everything from trying multiple curriculums to head banging to resorting to one on one teaching with MCP math. I love the two page lessons and the kids love it that I let them cross out any section entitled "Copy and do." Overkill, in my opinion. Maybe you've read how we use it, but I highly recommend tearing out one chapter at a time and stapling it together between colored paper covers. Then offer an incentive for a good test grade or a finished "book." It takes away some of the overwhelming feelings that a great big book brings.

    Have fun! :)

  3. Slay that dragon!!! Feel your pain and I'm soo 'not' sorry our 2 youngest boys are math whizzes so far.....However, I let them use 'cheat' sheets for multiplication....gave up long ago stressing over the memorization of such but do teach the concept of 'addition' as the basis for the times tables...AND whatever you lack in teaching math surely you will 'make up' in language skills.....

  4. btw the ghost writer was aunt Pauline....


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