19 October, 2010

How happy are you?

So how happy are you when your bank account says $0.00? Well, i'm here to assure you that if your happiness depends on the state of your bank account, i wish for you an empty one. Not because i'm evil, but because i want for you to find true security and happiness. Sure, there are things i'd like to buy right now, such as parmesan cheese, but in all reality, we are very happy without parmesan. Or those new shoes that i'd kind of like since my favorite pair are rather scuffed. Our children are learning quite well without an expensive curriculum and if i'd lose a few pounds i'd have like a whole new wardrobe. And our bank account doesn't actually say $0.00, although to be honest, i don't really know how close it is to saying that. Marlin does the book work, and if i see a bill laying on the desk for yet another bill, i lay it before God in my quiet time. That's all i can do, besides not buying parmesan cheese. (i really, really like parmesan cheese, can you tell?)

Actually, i feel quite rich. I told Marlin last week that i feel like the richest woman in the world. I have a godly husband, who i fall more and more in love with the longer i live with him. He is THE MAN!! Not perfect by any means, but MY, he's fine. Even when he's covered with cow manure. I see his heart for his children, and his brokenness before God and my heart goes flip-flop. And i have 7 beautiful, healthy children who actually like me, and i can assure you that i consider that a miracle. I've got a fireplace, and i LOVE fireplaces. (and parmesan cheese) I've got a wonderful church, with people who share our vision and so many friends who tolerate us. I've got raw milk and i'm hoping to get some chocolate soon....for baking of course. ;) although technically that is considered a luxury, i think i can squeeze some small change out for chocolate. To bless my family and friends with cookies and such, what did you think? And best of all, i have a personal relationship with the very God of the universe. Ahhh yes, i am blessed among women.


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