29 November, 2010

Granola and a Heart of Gratitude

15 cups of oatmeal, 2 cups of sucanat, 6 eggs, butter and oil, 3 tsp. of cinnamon, 2 cups of coconut.........i make this basic granola almost weekly. And when i find myself inwardly complaining at the granola container being empty AGAIN, i remind myself to be thankful for the ingredients to make it and the people to feed it too. For i was reminded again recently how thankfulness and a heart of gratitude is at the very core of a christian, and how a rude and ungrateful heart nullifies any "spirituality" a person tries to put on. If someone is unthankful you can rest assured their hearts are rooted in selfishness, for after all, selfishness is at the root of complaining ungratefulness. Show me an ungrateful "christian" and i'll show you someone who is not walking in a real, vibrant personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and chances are, neither are their children. You simply can't walk with Him on a daily basis and complain. That river of life flowing through you simply finds itself bursting through, no matter the rain or clouds in your life. It doesn't mean you'll never struggle or have days when you feel like crawling into bed with the covers over your head, but it does mean that during those times you will make a choice. A choice to be thankful and to count your blessings.

So bring on the empty granola bowl, it's one more thing to be thankful for. :)


  1. Thanks dear friend...I needed that!

    As i make granola tomorrow, I will do so with a heart of gratitude! And just a reminder, in case you forgot...YOU are on the top of my list in things to be grateful for....

    Love you "my peeps",

  2. Awww shucks, (blushing) i'm really grateful for you too!

    :) Darla

  3. Darla, How do you incorporate eggs into granola? I, too, am due for another batch, as Phinehas continually reminds me.

    I'd love to 'stay and chat' but the dirty dishes call...

    "Thank God for dirty dishes,
    For they have a tale to tell..."

    Love you, Darla!

  4. eggs in granola is 'new' for me also..! You beat 'em up & toss them in..?? (I prefer my choc chips....)AND I expect I 'won't' have the empty granola container frequently as long as we reg. stock the pantry w/ com. processed cereal.....Aunt Pauline

  5. Eggs in granola were new to me also until i found our favorite granola recipe. I beat the eggs before i put them and add them to the oatmeal mixture,stirring well. What it does is make the granola "clumpy" instead of loose. Make sense? Also, i love the idea that eggs add protein. And here's a small trick. For the best granola ever, you want to add lots and lots of fat. My normal recipe calls for 1 cup of oil/butter per 5 cups of oatmeal. That's an insane amount but makes all the difference. However, i also feel high amounts of fat when you eat granola are a good thing, since the fat will coat the high carb granola and help your body digest it slower. Yesterday i skimped on the butter and olive oil and Marlin said it wasn't near as good. So now i know........


  6. are you willing to post the recipe?? Sounds great! Mine is always so "loose"..

  7. Thanx for posting your granola recipe! I will definitely be trying this! Keep on writing! Love your posts! Have a wonderful Holiday Season filled with many blessings from Him! Love you, Jewel

  8. is there a time limit to baking the granola with eggs or just till browned. will have to try this and see what my people think of it.

    thanks , anna

  9. I just bake the granola til toasty brown, since Marlin prefers his darker versus lighter. My sil taught me a new trick.......i always spread my granola out in various pans to toast, but her mother always put it in a big stainless steel bowl and stirred it every so often. Much to my surprise it works great. So now i only have one dirty bowl instead of countless pans. I will say though that i think it's not quite so crunchy but Marlin said he can't tell a difference. Must be the difference in our mouths. :)



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