28 November, 2010


It's very cold and the snow flurries are blowing. Beautiful! Any sane person would stay in the warm house, sipping hot tea and baking cookies. Any person teetering on the edge of insanity would go for a walk, down to the local amish bulk food store. She would put a pair of sweatpants on, 2 shirts, 2 sweaters, winter coat, gloves and a scarf. And she would thoroughly enjoy herself. It's great living on the edge, especially if you can manage to convince a few of the smaller insane people to go with you. :)

We had a great Thanksgiving, probably the best ever. It was one of those perfect days that made me go to bed that evening contented and warm inside. We were at some friend's house, along with other friends and between the food and the belly laughing, it was perfect. Ahh, the food. Seriously, i've had good food in my life, but i don't think i've ever eaten a meal this incredible. The turkey was soaked in buttermilk then smoked, making it tender and juicy, the potatoes were rich and creamy, the sweet potatoes sweet but not to sweet, and the filling. O my, the filling was like no filling that i've ever eaten before. It wasn't at all goopy, just full of butter and flavor........i could've married it. The dessert? Upside down apple pie and pumpkin, topped off with coffee. The best part was that i only had to take salad and when you're used to cooking 3 meals a day, WITHOUT A DISHWASHER, you treasure any meal you don't have to cook. The men even helped with clean up and the children had remembered to put their halo's on before we got there and were perfect little angels the entire day. Marlin and Dwight, (our friends from Ohio) went home and did the milking and then came back for supper. Us ladies had some wonderful conversations and i just thoroughly enjoyed myself. Can you tell? :) It was made all the more precious by the struggles i had earlier in the week and the surrender i once again had to work through. Why is it that surrender is a constant thing? But the result is worth it and i'm so thankful that God is gracious and long suffering.

So now i put my decorative pumpkins away and put the greens and little lights above the fireplace. So wintry and cozy, i just love it. Time for gingerbread cookies and cutouts sprinkled with red and green. Snowmen and mittens. Rosy cheeks and cuddling by the fire. And of course, snuggling with my man..........life is good.


  1. thoroughly enjoyed your description of your Thanksgiving day, Darla! God's timing is always perfect...isn't it? The 'turkey soaked in buttermilk' intrigued me...always looking for more ways to use up my fresh BM...I mean, I 'like' choc. cake & whoopie pies well enough.....BUT!!! Blessings, Pauline

  2. Sounds so delish- food would be nothing with out all the wonderful fellowship, right? Gina


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