28 December, 2010


You have a pound of bacon, a pound of hamburger, some potatoes and some onions. You're uninspired and the very last thing you feel like doing is cooking, so what do you do? Give the bacon, hamburger, potatoes and onions to the neighbors for Christmas and go out to eat. Or you could do what i did.

Grab a nice sturdy skillet that won't burn easily and throw it on the stove. Grab your pound of (smoked, nitrate and nitrite free that you got for $1.79 for 12 ounces, thank you very much!) bacon, dice it into pieces, and slap it in the pan. Follow it up with the pound of hamburger, preferably thawed since it's a bit tricky to evenly spread hamburger if it's a rock, and kind of glop it around on top of the bacon. Then you want to thinly slice potatoes, (or thick, depending on your devotion at the moment) and layer that over the hamburger. Make sure to sprinkle some sea salt and black pepper in between the layers, garlic would be good too, and top the whole thing off with a layer of finely sliced onions. If you have mushrooms, add 'em. If not, don't. It's your house, your stove and your desires. Meanwhile, breath a prayer that the whole thing won't taste horrible, add the lid and turn the burner on high, just until the bacon is nice and sizzling. Got that? JUST UNTIL THE BACON IS SIZZLING! Turn the stove on low and let it steam away until the potatoes are soft. If you wish and so desire, you may sprinkle some kind of cheese on top when it's finished. Add some kind of side dish, such as green beans or applesauce, smile and declare supper finished. While it cooks you can go finish the book you were reading. Huh? Why would i have done that? Me read? During the day when i should've been working? Surely not!

The amazing thing is, my family LOVED it. SCORE!!!


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