23 February, 2011

Valentines Banquet......2011

I know, I know, I shouldn't brag about my kids like this but I can't help it. He's too STINKIN' CUTE!!!!!!
Chocolate anyone?

 And the cake.....yup I made it. But don't be fooled, the cake didn't taste half as good as it looked. Can we all say nasty? A total and complete flop..a failure.....a disgrace to humanity.....a shame to it's maker.....I was trying to make a "healthy" lemon pound cake, since i thought i would revolt at the thought of one more chocolate peanut butter cake. Some things aren't made to be healthy, and lemon pound cake is one of them. Even ice cream and blackberry sauce couldn't salvage it.....

This is what happens when your belly is full and your hearts are removable. They become "bunny ears." He takes after his father's side of the family what can I say........;)

My last valentine's goal wasn't accomplished. I REALLY wanted a picture of me and Marlin in all our married loveliness, so Marlin even showered and dressed for the occasion.......only to fall asleep on the recliner after supper. Not to be daunted, i gave the camera to Emily, put my arm around my knight in shining armor, (gently) commanded him to wake up and smile, and beamed at the camera. Here's a piece of advice to any newlyweds out there. DO NOT WAKE UP SLEEPING MEN FOR PICTURE TAKING OF ANY KIND! ESPECIALLY MR. COMMANDERS!!!!!! He sat up, and said, "this is no way to take any kind of pictures!" and stomped off to bed. So much for a romantic picture that shows the world how much we love each other........you'll just have to believe it without the picture. ;)


  1. Darla! How sweet! You will have to enlighten us Baji - what is this... day? this... Valentine's Day? Is it something that happens just in PA?

    No. Just kidding. I think we realized on the 15th that we had missed it. Ah well! We'll make up for it on all the rest of the days of the year!

    Looks like you guys has a lovely time! (How couldn't you with all your fun-filled kiddos... and shrimp scampi!!)

  2. We didn't celebrate until the 18th. :) And we actually read the supposed true story of Valentines. To be honest, i always thought valentines was rather lame, if not downright heathen. Rarely do we actually "celebrate" it, but as the kids get older, celebrations are a highlight with them.......don't know that we'll celebrate it next year, but we sure enjoyed the food this year!

    I think i rebel at all the holidays we're "supposed" to celebrate, so I'm thinking we'll start our own family celebrations.

    A few extra pennies in our pocketbook? LET'S CELEBRATE!

    A few less pennies? Let's celebrate a chance to walk in faith!

    A good week? LET'S CELEBRATE!!

    There are so many reasons to celebrate and it takes so little to make an evening special for the children. I think i need to make it a point to celebrate the simple things oftener.

  3. Did i ever tell you i love your blog?? Or you?:)
    Thanks for posting. You inspire me to rejoice and look at the smaller more overlooked things in life. And they seem to be the things that really make an impression on our little people anyway!
    Hope your day is wonderful!

  4. Yay for you for making a Valentines' Celebration in your own home because you had to miss the church party! You did a great job! And your children will remember this for a lifetime! Love to you all, Jewel


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