17 February, 2011

Mud, Cats, and Elderly Childbirth

I know, you thought i've forgotten about my blog.....and you. I haven't, it's just that there are SO MANY things I should be doing instead of sitting at the computer. I don't have anything exciting to brighten your day. But I do have mud....lots and lots of mud. You have never seen mud until you've waded through Snyder county mud.....on a farm....with cows.....and manure.....and many small males.......with many small boots.....and no stones. There's no stones in the forecast and so i brace myself for a muddy future. I used to get frustrated with my very practical mother when i was a very unpractical teenager. Practical was boring!!! Now i thank Jesus for a mother who had the foresight to have a big laundry with many closets to hide the soggy, muddy clothing and boots. I also thank Jesus for children to clean those nasty closets. I have other things to do. Like blog.

Anyone want to volunteer to clean my basement? For those of you who are considering a house cat, basements aren't really the best place to keep a cat. Outside is better........more litter box choices.

So now i have mud and a less than desirable basement.  But i do have many desirable children who have informed me that it is high time to add to the numbers. Preferably in triplet size this time, but they'll take twins if that's all i can manage. Eric has also taken the opportunity to encourage me to continue bearing children for at least 20 more years. Somehow the thought of labor and childbirth at the ripe age of 55 makes me feel less like celebrating and more like curling in a fetal position. I'm all for labor and childbirth (or the results of labor and childbirth) and i hope to experience a bit of that yet, but at 55 i will be very content to help Eric's wife figure out how to give birth. I do believe at that point of my life, I will be happy to celebrate my love for my man without the labor and childbirth part.

So there's my life at the moment. Mud and children. What more could a woman ask for.


  1. With 3 boys & a very active girl, I understand the mud. No manure here (except in the garden) but plenty of mud in the springtime. Yet I haven't a closet in which to hide it! So it's always "shoes off FIRST!" as they come thundering into the house. THankfully, the previous owners left us with a nice, mud-colored brown carpet in most of he house -lol!

    I am amazed at all that you handle with 7 little ones and a new farm to run! I just had my 5th (at home - so delightful!) on Feb 1st (my dear hubby's birthday!) and I am still in the hormonal, overwhelmed stage. I know I'll get past it, but I hope that it doesn't hinder any of my joy in my 5 blessings today!

    I hope that home schooling is going well for you! We are taking a little 'baby' break and praying for an early spring...even if it does mean more mud!
    Andrea C.

  2. Hi Andrea, good to know you're still with me. :)
    I'm still learning how to handle 7 children and a farm but you have to remember, with the farm came my husband being home every day.That has changed the whole picture. The load i felt roll off of me when he came home in relation to child raising and training has been nothing short of AMAZING! The boys work much harder and are much more fulfilled, leaving less time for foolishness. And some things simply don't get done......I'm still learning how to lay some things down and have to remind myself constantly that only the things that affect eternity are worth stressing over.

    Congratulations on your home birth!

    God bless! Darla


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