09 March, 2011

Blessing our Lord

Zac and Josh- "Mom, please come upstairs, we have something to show you."

They lead me upstairs, informing me that i must keep my eyes tightly closed. Feeling rather like a sheep led to the slaughter, i obey. Throwing open the bedroom doors, they show me my bed made with freshly washed sheets, and Joshua's room spic and span. I hug them and tell them they are the BEST and such a blessing. Their eyes shine......

15 minutes later they present me with a play room, everything in order and neatly cleaned up. Big hugs for all, and a piece of gum for each, "because sometimes we get a little treat for doing something for someone without being told."  Ah, how i love my little men........

They could've been playing, since i had released them from any more chores. Instead, they chose to surprise and bless me. They were so totally pleased with themselves and so excited to show me.

How often do i tell my Lord, "show me Lord, and I'll do it", or "tell me, Jesus, and I'll conquer the world for you," and happily go about my own thing. How thrilled He must be when I choose to do something without being told, my heart dancing as i choose to bless my Savior. And how His heart must thrill in joy when I show Him my gift, excited to show Him what I did. For Him........not because He asked me but because I LOVE HIM, and that love spills out of my life. To be as a child in the worship of my Master.........is there any higher calling....


  1. Aww! You can't help but love them! So sweet!! Jewel
    P.S. If you need something else to bless your day go under utube and type in 'Here we are' and BrandonNolt92 I think this song will bless you as it has me. It's my 3 oldest having fun on a Sunday afternoon! :)

  2. Such a blessing! You inspire me to love my Savior more. To be honest with you, many times I get so caught up in the day to day things of being a housewife and mother that I forget to think about Him and ponder . . . and worship Him from my heart. Thank you for the reminder.


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