06 March, 2011

Cousins making memories

It's been a special weekend for our children. Marlin's sister, Dorcas, and her family were headed into Lancaster for meetings and dropped 3 of their children off at our house. Emily finally had a sister for almost 3 days and the boys were more than happy for 2 more brothers. I remember my time with my cousins as a child as one of the happiest things in my childhood. Emily's relationship with her cousin Kenzie reminds me much of myself and my cousin when i was a girl.  Emily will be sad when she leaves and i have a feeling her longing for a sister will be intensified.

Zac trying out his reading skills........

I found out how much work 2 girls can accomplish! Wow, i may just have to keep this treasure. She's a real sweetheart. I have to say, it did make my heart a wee bit sad to realize that no longer do they play dolls when they're together. Quiet reading, visiting, and of course, GIGGLES. My girl is growing up and while that makes me happy, it also makes my heart strings tug a bit. Time for another daughter. ;)

There's more than one way to cover your hair.

Last but not least......this child looks so calm and pliable, right? WRONG!! He has tested me over and over all week, made worse by the fact that he's not feeling well. 

Having 3 extra children in the house proved a blessing and no extra work. They are very well behaved children and behaved promptly when asked to do something. I think we could handle 10 children..........especially if they came as well trained as these. If only............


  1. I missed seeing you at church yesterday- hope everyone's feeling better in the Weaver household! I have great memories of time spent with my cousins too, and feel just a little sorry for our boys with no cousins to play with. And as for a little girl... I could easily see you carrying another baby around! :) Have a great week

  2. I missed being there! We're getting better....

    Your boys will just have to play with ours and call them cousins. We won't mind at all. :)

    Somehow, carrying a baby in my arms just seems to come naturally.......lol.


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