06 April, 2011

Boarding school.........or not?

It always happens about this time of the year. I quit homeschooling. Next year, the children, God bless their little souls, will be happily learning at a boarding school.......or boot camp, depending who I'm talking to. The moment i ask a certain child for the 20 millionth time what a common noun is, and said child looks at me with a big smile and happily gives me a completely wrong answer, i know it's over. I am a terrible teacher and my students are terrible learners. There is no hope for us, we are doomed to be ignoramuses forever. I resign. I quit. I hand in my resignation. And then the ranting begins. What IS the point of learning common nouns? I mean, when's the last time you led someone to Christ using common nouns? Let me guess. You haven't had TIME to lead anyone anywhere because you were to busy teaching how to "correctly" diagram a sentence or add great numbers in their heads. And what's up with Roman Numerals? I remember almost zilch about roman numerals and you know what? I've birthed 7 children naturally, sewed many a dress, wiped many a small, poopy hinnie, and kicked many a cat out of my house just fine without knowing what XVIII means. And yet we must learn. The government says so and you KNOW the government only cares for the well being of your mortal soul.

And then i look at pictures like this and remember that in the end, it really DOESN'T matter whether they learn English perfectly. However, it DOES matter that i have their hearts and i can assure you, I am far better at capturing their hearts than i am at teaching nouns or roman numerals, and for that, I can only thank an almighty God.

Happy Birthday mama. I felt like the richest woman on the planet that evening, and it wasn't because of the presents.


  1. Hi Darla! I miss seeing you at the store since I'm not there anymore! Do you have any big projects you've been wanting to tackle with some help? I have some much 'extra' time right now and would love to spend the day with you! :) Loisann said that her and I are to do the milking when the baby comes.(she so kindly volunteers me :))-Erica

  2. This picture is priceless, Darla! Keep up the good work of all the eternal values you are teaching your children. I was never good in school either and guess what?! Yes, I had 8 children and doing all the necessary stuff and I'm making out just fine!:) Happy Birthday! Jewel


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