22 March, 2012


To everything there is a season and the season for my blogging has come to an end. It's a stirring in my heart that i have sensed for a while and last night Marlin confirmed it. My children are growing rapidly and i have only a few short years left to walk with them and part of that walking is teaching them how to serve. And to do that i need to take the limited time that i have and use it very purposefully. I want my children to have a heart of service, to be quick to lend a helping hand.....a plate of cookies......a hug to someone in need. And i can't do that very well if i am sitting on the computer, now can i. :) I want that serving to come naturally, (blogging is so much easier for me!) but many times it means taking time out of my day to do something for someone else.

I believe blogs can be a blessing and an encouragement, but my children need me more now than anyone else in my life. I will miss my readers and i wish both blessings and trials in your life. :) And no matter what, remember that God is good and will lead each one of you into truth if you are brave enough to follow.

Love, Darla


  1. I'm very sad to hear the news. I want to thank you for sharing your heart so many times! For encouraging me in that way. I thank God that we are friends and that your blog was/is not the only connection we have. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Thanks Mari....i have mixed feelings but the over riding ones are of peace and relief. My life is so full and i sense God wanting to do a deeper work in my life in other areas. I want to clear my plate as much as possible to open my heart to where He's leading.

    God bless! Darla

    1. Peace and relief, as always when we yeild ourselves (finally) to His leading. Jesus bless your choice to follow, and you, your mommyhood and all.

  3. Dear Darla,
    You will be missed but I understand. There are so many things that would draw us mamas and wives away from our awesome responsibilities of keeping the home. God bless you for being willing to leave behind what would distract you from going deeper in your walk with the Father.

  4. Will miss your blogs, but totally understand! Congratulations on Baby #8! Maybe we will get to see him when we come out your way one of these weekends! Jewel

  5. Agreed with Marcia. Will miss this connection, seems the only way to get a peek into your lives. God bless and hopefully we can do some catching up in MAy :)

  6. Awww... that is sad ... I sure will miss "hearing from you" but I understand! I guess we will just have to get together more often now! You know how easy that is! :) Thanks for all you shared thru this blog... is was often an encouragement & blessing to me! Looking forward to your visit! I will be in touch soon.


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