17 March, 2012

Busy Saturday

 It's a busy day around here. Eric is busy harrowing the field and i can only stand here in amazement to think that i have a boy old enough to drive a tractor! How is this possible???!!! My boys are growing up to be fine young men and i am rather proud of them. Secretly of course. ;) Eric is also heading towards teenage years and let's just say mom no longer is the smart woman he thought she was for the first 12 years of his life. Still trying to figure out how a mama is supposed to treat her little/big boys.
 Ah yes, the first sign of spring. Daffodils. A girl i know and love presented me with my first yellow flowers of the year.
And here's my cheerful little helpers. Caleb was loving helping Emily to clean and i had to snap a picture. Now, lest you think we're just one big happy family without any problems, i can assure you that if you could hear the two year old of the family you would tell me to get off the computer and go "train up a child." So with no further ado, good by and happy weekend.

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  1. such good pictures. Your little people just aren't staying little anymore :) Hug them for me !


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