15 March, 2012

Levi Allen

 Baby #8.......Oct. 31. 4 a.m. I wake up to a gush of water and i knew it was D-day. I was excited and more than that, i wasn't afraid! A bit apprehensive of course. I mean, no matter how surrendered a woman is to how God created a woman, and no matter how relaxed she is, most women will be a bit nervous at having to get that baby out. It hurts!! But i had prayed much and more than that, i had for the first time in my life accepted how God created a woman's body and childbirth.

 So back to the breaking of my water. I warned Marlin to not take to long in the barn........the children were just sure that by the time they came in from milking, i would be finishing up delivering and they could hold the baby while the bacon fried. Not so. To their great disappointment, i was far from delivering anything and by that evening i
wasn't sure when it was going to happen. The next morning, Nov. 1, i woke up to some good contractions and once again i told Marlin to hurry in the barn. Once again they came rushing in as soon as the cows were milked and were completely disturbed to see me walking around quite large. My midwife told me that i am welcome to take castor oil anytime so at around 1-1:30 that's what i did. I laid down for a nap and woke up a few times with some cramps but nothing major. My system started "cleaning out" around 2:30 and it wasn't long before i got slammed with contractions, one after another. I would catch my breath with one and the next contraction would begin. It wasn't long before i was in tears, Marlin started the whirlpool, and he also called the midwife. I couldn't even get my breath long enough to talk to her. She told me later that she never thought they'd make it in time to catch the baby. Let's just say that i sure am thankful i was having a home birth. I climbed in the tub of hot water and immediately my contractions slowed waaaay down. For a bit i was worried that it had stopped completely but by the next contraction i knew there was no stopping anything. They were hard and long, but in between, thanks to the whirlpool, i was able to relax. It wasn't real long before the midwife showed up, all perky and friendly, and i was just a tad annoyed that anyone could be so cheerful and nonchalant when i was so not! I was at 7 centimeters and a bit discouraged to not be pushing the head out by then but i need not have worried. The next 4 contractions were back to back, with NO break in between and for the first time ever, i actually felt the baby's head drop into position. By the next contraction there was no stopping the pushing and that was a new thing for me too. However, i just couldn't get comfortable pushing while reclining in the tub, so i got up and squatted, using the corner of the whirlpool tub for support. The poor midwife nearly fell in trying to grab the baby's head, and by the next push,at 5:15, he was out! And of course, "it" was a boy! And no, i wasn't even a wee bit disappointed, although i felt a bit bad for Emily's sake. We brought Emily down soon after and she was able to help get him dressed and even carried him to me on the living room couch. She, of course, while disappointed to not have a sister, is head over heels in love with the little man and spends hours just playing and talking to him. All in all, from when i knew it was the real thing, labor lasted around 2 hours.

It was one of my best births ever and i contribute it to a few different things. Number 1, prayer, prayer, and more prayer and a true surrender to God's plan. Number 2, while it was annoying to have my water break the day before i actually delivered, i do believe it probably gave me a shorter labor. Number 3, the whirlpool. While it certainly didn't take the pain away, it helped me to relax and handle it better. And number 4, i LOVED delivering in the squatting position. I always felt like i was hindering myself by delivering reclining and even tried delivering Jacob on my knees but something about the squatting position made a HUGE difference. It felt so right.......however, i know people who hate that position so it obviously depends on the person. Of course, don't forget that i had a wonderful midwife and helper.

So would i do it again? Absolutely. Will i be a bit nervous, apprehensive and sometimes downright scared? Yup. Levi has been worth every ounce of pain and we just simply adore him. He is one big boy and incredibly alert. He has every one of us wrapped around his little fingers, including Big Daddy Weav.  My mama's heart aches to see him growing so fast and i want to stop the world for just a bit and soak me up some baby. On the other hand, who knows what other Weaver babies God has in mind. :)


  1. Was he your first home birth?? If so, I'm glad that you had such a great one! We had our first 3 in the hospital and the last 2 at home. I will NEVER go back (if it's up to me, I mean) because it was so beautiful and peaceful at home (even though I'm a baby about the pain). I could not squat - I just don't have the legs strength. But the warm wet washclothe on my lower back was like a little bit of heaven through the pain - lol!
    I feel for your daughter! Ours prayed so hard for a sister. But the wonderful thing is that it really doesn't matter - love of the new baby just overwhelms everyone!
    I am excited for you and your newest Weaver! I hope that your adjustment is going well and you are finding a new balance with 8. Lean on the Lord always. May He continue to bless your family!

  2. Blessings on thee, mother of 8. In a world where children often are not wanted (and not just 'out there in the world', if you know what I mean), I appreciate knowing mothers who understand their place in God's design, who willingly present their bodies as a living sacrifice...and who love their children.
    I'm still learning and growing in all of it, but happy to know that my Father God teaches those who listen.

  3. maybe 6 c-sections weren't so bad after all. :)


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