02 March, 2012

Life Around the Farm

A science experiment.......baby praying mantises. Joshua came in the house one day, carrying the dry sack like bundle on a stick, stuck them in a jar and put a lid on. I had few hopes of seeing any baby mantises, especially with the lid SCREWED SHUT, but what do you know, we came home one day from church and voila! babies! Dozens of them, crawling around the jar. You would have thought it was human babies by the excitement coming from the children.
Our little (little?) precious man. How we love him! You know, before he was born i secretly wondered if we would enjoy him as much as we have Jacob. Jacob was/is such a little happy-go-lucky little guy and i wondered how baby #8 would fare. I need not have worried. We ADORE him and he gets never ending attention. He smiles ALL THE TIME and has started giggling. Such preciousness but alas, how fast they grow. Emily suggested i quit nursing.......so i could maybe start working on a baby sister. I suggested not.
And we can't forget the bugs....aka twins. We were at a local fire hall for breakfast the other Saturday and they gave us an impromptu fire safety talk. The kids got to sit in a fire truck and went home with firemen hats, coloring books and other "treasures." So for the rest of that day, my house became a fire station.

Zachary our firefighter.....the imagination never stops around here. I love it.
And this is something i often see. Big sister holding little brother while working on school. She gladly holds him without me asking..........truly a little mama's heart.

And so go our days....in dizzying speed. It's a wonderful life, aye?



  1. Loved all the pictures! I especially love the one of big sister multi-tasking! :-) God bless you as you love your children and husband, Darla.

  2. Darla, I'm so glad to see you blogging again! I really missed your posts!!!! God bless!

  3. Loved the post..laughed right out loud at Emily's suggestion to stop nursing. I'm still nursing Mahlon. Hannah asked the other day, " Why didn't we have a baby for a long time?" She's been asking for another sister almost ever since her brother arrived..I'd so love to give them another brother... thanks for the pics..
    Levi looks right like the rest. what a sweetie !~ Jan


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