22 February, 2012

For better or worse

She was fourteen when he first saw her. He looked up and watched as she walked by, unaware that her future husband had laid eyes on her. He was at a ball game on a sunny Sunday afternoon, and she was out walking with her best friend. Fate? or God?

There was no turning back for him and from that day he pursued her relentlessly. He fought for her heart as did others, and when the dust settled, he had won. In spite of the ups and downs of their marriage, they remained best friends and companions.

For better or for worse.......including dementia. Including the agony of watching a vibrant, strong woman slip away into oblivion, away from his companionship. Unable to stop the relentless disease, eating away at everything that made her his wife. Unable to do anything except watch helplessly. Alone.

His wife. My mother. And through the tears, agony, and grief, are threads of hope. Someday, she will have a new body and a new mind. What hope! What joy! 


  1. Dear Darla, I so admire your love and compassion towards your mother during these trying days for your father and your family. Taking care of a person with dementia is certainly not an easy task! Blessings to you! And so glad to see you blogging again!

  2. Dear Darla,
    These words cause the tears to rise in my own heart...brightening my desire to keep that flame of friendship alive and growing in my own marriage. Thank you for sharing with us. God bless you.


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