20 October, 2013

Another week in the world of Kenya

   I know, it's been a week since i've posted but it wasn't completely my fault. Some goober decided to cut the internet wires in the dark of night so we were without internet until that was fixed. And then one day several of us women decided to go shopping in the afternoon and we had language in the morning and when i got home, the electric was off. But the shopping was great fun. We went to a couple of pottery stands on a crazy street and i bargained myself into buying 4 pieces for the grand price of just under $4. One large and 3 small....and if you saw the stands you would wonder how they can sell anything at all. But this is Kenya, not Pottery Barn outlet so it's what's expected. We strolled through the muslim shops, and i bought a piece of material because i have been ruining dresses at a steady rate since we've arrived here. This country is brutal on clothing and i didn't bring near enough. The muslim shops are quite an experience as each stand has a muslim in some form or another perched on a chair in front of their small room. The men will try and convince you that you need their stuff while the women just look suspicious or if you're lucky they might say welcome. I especially pity the women with their bodies wrapped in yards of stifling material even to the point of only having slits for their eyes. It almost makes a person feel naked except that the sweat dripping off me is a good reminder that i do have ample clothing on.

    We also went to the "animal market" where you can buy wonderful carved wooden animals, beautiful plates, african art and so forth. A tourist trap of sorts, but it became a literal trap for me when an asian/indian connoisseur decided i look like a vulnerable victim and spent quite a bit of time trying to convince me that i needed to buy his stuff since he is my brother and i'm his sister. Dream on buddy, if you were my brother i'd give you a piece of my mind and kick you out of the family, but since he was standing between me and my exit i was trapped. Didn't think giving him a piece of my mind was wise, so i informed him i will be buying NOTHING since my husband's not along. He didn't believe that for one second, in spite of me insisting that my husband is my boss and i dare not spend 2000 shillings without his approval. He then accused me of not trusting him......a very perceptive man. Eventually he left me go but he will never catch me again if i can help it.

    But it's been a good week and was so wonderful to feel healthy! On Friday i went with Marlin and the other Agape couple and the two social workers to meet with the administrators and matrons of the orphans. 6 adults and 6 children crammed into a very old, very rattly van made for a long day but it was good. So good to get out and experience more of the culture and meet the native christians. To eat hot mandazis (like a non sweet donut) from a little roadside stand, and to shout "how do you do" to the little kenyans waving frantically at our van with large smiles.
The ManyWeavers and the Tony and Judith Zook families.......it is good we get along and feel like family since we see a lot of each other on an almost daily basis. They are a great couple and have a great sense of humor. God is good. :)
And can you tell i'm growing? Or at least my belly is.......6 1/2 months or somewhere around there. I've kind of lost track.

Don't tell Marlin i added this picture but they were goofing off and got caught. Ha!!

  So we went to these meetings which meant hours of bumping over some of the roughest roads imaginable but we got to see some of the prettiest country i've seen yet. I wouldn't call Kenya pretty as so much of it is scrubby and just not attractive, but there are some areas that are simply gorgeous with the rice paddies and sugar cane fields. 
  For lunch we stopped at a tiny "hotel" which is what they call restaurants here, and had a lunch of soupy beans and chapatis. Delicious! In spite of the cat roaming around and the little tables with ripped up coverings, it was great and certainly not expensive. For all of us it cost around $4, including the sodas. Not bad, not bad. 
There's our cook and our waitress. Our meal was simple but filling and someday we'll look back with fond memories.

    We arrived home at 5, happy but totally exhausted. I wouldn't advise someone to move to another part of the world and adjust to a new culture while pregnant, but on the other hand, i get a whole new world view AND a baby out of the deal so who's complaining. As long as the baby doesn't get bounced out thanks to the roads. 

    And then today was church. Usually we're home by around 2, eat lunch and head for bed but today? No, there was member's meeting and what a meeting it was. Seems like no one remembered that there's a certain protocol that should be followed while sharing concerns and if it wasn't for a wise bishop, i fear we would've gotten home a lot later than 3:00. And since Marlin is an assistant pastor? Yes ma'm, that means we have to sit in and be involved. I had no clue who the people were that were being discussed so i raised my hand whenever the bishop's wife did on votes, feeling quite sure she had a handle on the issues, in spite of the admonitions to vote without peeking. Sorry about that bishop Tommy, but the assistant pastor's wife can't afford to look too simple. So by 3:30 we were eating lunch and by 5 the dishes were cleaned up and i decided i still needed a "nap." But it was a good day and the most exciting thing for me was that something is shifting in my heart and i'm starting to feel a real connection with the church people. The Holy Spirit is beginning to tie heart strings as only He can and tho i still can't communicate very well with many of them, and tho the culture difference is huge, our smiles communicate for us. 

   Tomorrow is another day, another week and another beginning of the craziness, but i can rest, knowing that God has got it all figured out. And speaking of resting? I need to get me some of that if i want to be at all civil tomorrow. God bless your week!!!


  1. Love your stories! The kids laughed and giggled and were delighted over the pictures.
    Its wonderful to hear of your heart shift. I know it will steadily continue.
    And I thought of you yesterday when Andrew's little sister had her first baby. I'll pray that the roads don't bounce her out!

  2. I enjoyed the update as well, it's fun to read about your lives!! :) Oh, it's so much fun to shop when in another country, but so frustrating too (reminds me of when we were in Thailand)! They had night bazaar's where it was custom to barter, what a fun experience! I was pregnant when we went and couldn't "stomach" seeing the live eels, snakes and such in their markets.
    Words of wisdom they told us about different cultures.....It's not always right or wrong, sometimes it just different.
    May God give you strength as you grow (spiritually and I guess physically :)!
    Marlene Snader

  3. Well, its high time I said Hi! :) I was just getting caught up on your blog and what a blessing! My morning started with me feeling a little "down" for whatever reason but after "visiting with you" I'm feeling much better! :) Thanks so much for all the pictures and insights into your lives that you've been sharing... it's so neat to stay a little connected in this way! It looks like you're all healthy & well (according to that last picture! and you're looking good! :) and I"ll continue to pray for health & strength for your journey! Thanks for sharing your heart and life... you're such a blessing to me! Sending my love & prayers... Dawn

  4. Thanks for commenting friends! Means a lot.....
    Dawn, it IS high time you said Hi, ;) I was just talking about you to Marlin and wondering what's happening in your life. So good to hear from you and i'm happy to help "cheer you up." Just thinking about you guys and all the laughing we've done together is enough to cheer me up.
    Marlene and Licia, thanks for the encouragement.! I very much need strength as i grow both physically and spiritually, altho i feel like the most unspiritual missionary ever, sometimes. Hopefully i'll feel more "holy" after the baby is here and the hormones calm down. It always works that way, right? Ha!
    God bless!!!


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