09 December, 2013

He Loves Me, this I know...

for the Bible tells me so...  

   Life at the green and white concrete house in Kisumu is falling back into "normal" whatever that may be. That was hard for me at first. It felt so wrong to get back into life without Hadassah. I knew that with the busyness of life she would no longer be the main focus and that hurt me. But such is life and so it has happened. And i found out it's ok. Hadassah's with Jesus and someday i will see her (i can't wait!!!) but until then life calls and the children need a mother who can see past her sorrow and choose joy. 

Levi and his little buddy "Lala"

   Many times i will whisper her name in my heart and tell her how much we love her and a part of my heart is always sad, but my heart and life is also filled with joy and laughter. And through the grief and tears i have grown up some more. Sorrow does that to a person. It will either give them depth or bitterness. "Please God, let me choose depth."

Thank you again -Aaron & Steph Kelley and our Tenweck Hospital friends for all your support!
God has used the valley in your life to help us walk through the valley in ours!
You can follow the Kelley's blogs and read their story for yourself:

   I'm enjoying being around people again and that is a wonderful feeling. This morning i took chai up to the sewing ladies at one of the other missionary's houses. 4 Kenyan ladies have a sewing class every Monday morning. One of them, Pamela, is the teacher and she also sews dresses for sewing challenged people like myself. The little ones carried cups and i carried the chai and the hand of one little boy. The ladies seemed delighted and i delighted in giving instead of taking. They begged me to stay and talk and i did for a bit but the milk man showed up, which meant a mad dash for my house at the opposite end of the compound. But it was a good "normal" and i would like to think it built just a bit more of a bridge between their hearts and mine.

Jonathan loving the Tenweck tree house!

So life goes on. One ticking minute at a time. I cuddle Levi at nap time and i read Dr. Seuss to a row of wooly headed boys. I smile into my husband's eyes and talk life issues with the older ones over beans and chapatis. I think of all the friends God has brought into our lives, from years ago and of the friendships that are squeaky new. Friends from all walks of life. How rich our life is and how secure, knowing that no matter what happens in the future, He holds us in the palm of His hand. He loves us and that is enough.

"Homer" the chameleon. Ain't he cute??

     "Nor height, nor depth, nor any creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." 


  1. Well hello! What a pleasant "visit"! I only wish I was sipping chai with you in the Kenyan sunshine instead of hovering over my tea with freezing cold hands in gray New York! And here's something we have in common - eating lots of beans! (Golly, you'd be shocked a how ridiculously expensive food is right now! Fortunately, we've a bit of beef in the freezer...*grin*)

    Darla, I'm so proud of you! I rejoice that I know you! Your walk with Jesus encourages me and leads me closer to Him. And your stories of the Kenyans makes me yearn to be there with you!!!! The chai is a pretty big lure, as well. :-)

    We are well. Plodding on with school, much to Abby's sorrow. Living life together with laughter, tears, hugs, cuddles, tickle wars, moments of mandatory mom-enforced silence, and LOTS of book reading!

    I miss you, friend! But I am so glad you are in the center of God's hand and will!!!

  2. Dear Darla,
    Just wanted to let you know that I weep with you as I listen to "Jesus Loves Me"...and read the beautiful words you write from your heart. Thank you for sharing with us and letting us in on what is going on. You have been and continue to be much inspiration for me. God bless you. I send love and hugs from NY.

  3. Licia, so so good to hear from you as always!! I would LOVE to have you drinking chai with me, but until that can happen i will think of you while i sip. :) Thanks for the encouragement, i feel the same about you!! Love you much!

    And Marcia, thank you too. It is so encouraging to know people are praying and that Hadassah's testimony is blessing people. And i'll take love and hugs every day. :)


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